AP ZPGPF Annual Slip Download

 AP ZPGPF Annual Slip 2024 Download at zpgpf.Ap.Gov.In

AP ZPGPF Annual Slip 2024 or AP ZPGPF Slip 2024 has been released by way of the Zilla Parishad Provident Fund Department on behalf of Government of Andhra Pradesh on its reliable website, www.Zpgpf.Ap.Nic.In.

AP Employees who're operating in diverse government departments can check information and down load yr sensible AP ZPGP Account Annual Statements from the respectable web portal by means of login together with your details.

www.Zpgpf.Nic.Gov in

www.Zpgpf.Nic.Gov.In is a internet site that gives access to the GPF (General Provident Fund) debts of government employees inside the kingdom of Andhra Pradesh, India.

The internet site is managed through the nation government’s GPF department and permits employees to access information about their GPF account, which includes contributions, interest earned, and withdrawals.

Additionally, employees can download their GPF Annual Account Statements, submit lawsuits or requests for correction, and get admission to other GPF-associated information via the website. Overall, the internet site serves as an critical resource for government employees to manipulate and stay up to date on their GPF account.


Andhra Pradesh GPF Annual Account Slips, additionally called AP GPF Annual Account Statements, are an important document for government employees within the nation of Andhra Pradesh.

These slips provide crucial information approximately an worker’s GPF (General Provident Fund) account, together with their contributions, interest earned, and withdrawals.

GPF is a financial savings scheme for government employees that is just like a pension plan. Employees make contributions a component in their salary each month to the GPF, and the accumulated budget are used to provide a supply of profits at some stage in retirement.

The GPF is managed via the nation authorities, and employees can get entry to their account records through the AP GPF Annual Account Statements.

The AP GPF Annual Account Statements are issued via the state authorities’s GPF department and can be accessed on line via the legit website.

They provide an in depth breakdown of an worker’s GPF account, consisting of their beginning stability, contributions, hobby earned, withdrawals, and remaining stability for the economic yr.

It is critical for authorities employees in Andhra Pradesh to study their GPF Annual Account Slips every yr to ensure the accuracy of the statistics furnished.

They also can use this information to plan their retirement financial savings and make any important changes to their GPF contributions.

Employees who have any queries or troubles with their GPF Annual Account Slips can contact the GPF department for assistance. They also can submit a complaint or request for correction via the reputable internet site.

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips

AP ZPGPF Annual Slips

Name of the slipAP ZPGPF Annual Slips 2024
TitleDownload AP GPF Slips 2024
SubjectThe Department released AP GPF Annual Statements 2024
CategoryAnnual Statement
AP ZPGPF Sliphttps://zpgpf.ap.gov.in/
AP AGGPF Siphttps://ag.ap.nic.in/slipsgpf.aspx

After downloading the AP ZPGPF slips, Employees can maintain it for future want. AP ZP GPF means AP Zilla Parishad General Provident Fund.

The teachers who're working in Government schools, they can also down load their Zilla Parishad General Provident Fund Slips within the given following link or by using given following simple steps. AP ZPGPF Annual Account Slips for Only AP Employees.

ZPGPF AP Statements can access from the AP ZPGPF Web Portal: zpgpf.Ap.Nic.In. Andhra Pradesh ZPGPF Annual Slips District wise employees, who are belongs to Panchayat Raj, their GPF bills are maintained via CEO , Zilla Parishad.

For GPF (GPF/ ZPGPF) credit and element very last withdrawals to an worker can get with the approval of worried DDO (Drawing and Disbursing Officer) i.E., Head Master to the High School staff and MEO (Mandal Educational Officer) to the primary and top number one school personnel.(GO Ms.40 Dt:07-05-2002).

Every worker has to make contributions minimal 6% of his fundamental pay from his profits as GPF subscription fund. The employee who're going to retire from the carrier they are able to stop their subscription 4 months before to the retirement date.

ZPGPF Annual Slips Download

Government of Andhra Pradesh, Zilla Praja Parishad General Provident Fund has released the AP ZP GPF Annual Slips on its legit website of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, https://zpgpf.Ap.Gov.In/.

Employees who are operating inside the numerous Departments can take a look at info and download the ZP GPF AP Annual Slips from the web portal.

  • Employees should go to the AP ZPGPF professional Website by getting into URL, https://zpgpf.Ap.Gov.In/ in your device web browser.
  • Once you reach the Panchayatraj and Rural Employment Official website, click on on the hyperlink of AP ZPGPF on the home page.
  • After clicking on that link, ZPGPF annual sips downloading internet web page could be appeared. In this web page, Select your district thru a given drop-down list.
  • After selecting the district, enter your nearby ZPGPF Account No., Enter the default password (Ex: emp12345 [here 12345 means your GPF Account No], captcha code in the inside the required fields and click on the put up button.
  • After clicking on the post button, your ZP GPF account page will seem on your tool display.
  • In this page, in case you would love to trade your Password, you may reset your password. If you need specific year ledger card, you can click on on that ledger, then your ZP GPF ledger document will appear.
  • After clicking on the specific yr ledger card, your annual GPF Statement could be seemed. Check the information and download the ZP GPF Annual slip, hold it for future reference.
District Name (Zilla Praja Parishad)ZP ZPF Website
Potti Sreeramulu Nellore
West Godavari
GunturZP ZPF Guntur
VisakhapatnamZP ZPF Visakhapatnam
Office of The Principal Accountant General (A & E), Andhra Pradesh & TelanganaDownload GPF Slips

Do’s for GPF subscribers:

  • Admission: On advertising from class IV, apply for GPF A/c No
  • Subscription: Subscription from 6% to a most of Basic Pay. 
  • Temporary Advance: In case of Temporary advance, make certain restoration from Pay.
  • Nomination: File Nomination, if no longer executed, particularly, earlier than retirement.
  • Slips: Confirm the stability on receipt of annual slips.
  • Settlement: Help us to settle your stability early via filing withdrawal programs in advance. Track the authorisations via our website.
  • Any remittances after retirement to GPF, please follow up with DDO.

What is the manner for adjustment of missing credits/ debits?

Missing credit arise due to misclassification inside the treasuries or wrong info in GPF schedules. At times, schedules/ vouchers aren't received from the Treasuries for numerous reasons and as a end result a number of the subscriptions/refunds/arrears/withdrawals do not get posted inside the account.

These missing credits/debits can be positioned and blanketed inside the subscriber’s account after proper verification of the accounts rendered to AG by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers/Treasuries subject to furnishing the following information duly certified with the aid of the Drawing and Disbursing Officers and the Treasury Officers.

  1. Name of the Subscriber
  2. GPF Account quantity
  3. Name of the DDO beneath whom the professional had served
  4. Amount of subscription/refund/withdrawal
  5. Salary month for which details are being provided
  6. Head of Account (as much as Detailed Head) underneath which profits turned into drawn
  7. Treasury/Sub Treasury wherein the earnings become drawn
  8. Treasury voucher number / challan variety
  9. Totals of the time table amount enclosed within the unique voucher as noted at the summary in case of credit score
  10. Date of fee of the voucher/remittance of the amount within the case of challan remittance
  11. Total quantity of the GPF fee vouchers in admire of debits

Where to get the GPF Slips?

The GPF slips from the yr 2009-10 are available within the AP GPF internet site. 

What are Missing Debits?

Sanction received with out corresponding debit and (b) Refund acquired with out corresponding debit.

How to alter missing debits?

When a lacking debit is note inside the GPF statement, the subscriber has to approach the DDO and make certain the information of the drawl viz. Amount, Voucher No., SA No., Treasury along with certificates of fee or a duplicate of the voucher to this office.

The lacking debit may be published if the quantity is unposted inside the records of this office. In case of misclassification of the debit, the Treasury/PAO has to rectify the same.

Do’s and Don’ts in the preparation of GPF Schedules by DDOsDo’s

  1. Amount of Subscription have to be rounded to whole rupees.
  2. The account numbers have to be organized in serial order.
  3. The manual letters i.E. (GA, PH, MEDL, etc) need to invariably be suffixed to the Account Numbers.
  4. Reasons for discontinuance of subscriptions should receive (i.E. Reliable “Proceeded on depart”, Transferred to” ________office-district, “Quit service, died or discontinued.”)
  5. Against new names, it should be written that new name is a brand new subscriber or “New Subscriber” transferred from _______Office-district. Etc.,
  6. The general of the agenda should be struck and written each in figure and phrases.
  7. Month of recovery have to be truely indicated.
  8. Schedules should be recorded on schedules, challans and debt vouchers.
  9. Correct Classification must be recorded on schedules, challans and debt vouchers.
  10. Subscriptions, refunds closer to TAs have to be separately indicated. Refunds ought to be supported with the aid of installments and the amount of loan great.
  11. Schedules and vouchers should be organized in order as according to the list.
  12. Original authorisations ought to be enclosed to Debit Vouchers of Final Payment Cases.
  13. The challans ought to include the details of the amounts remitted thereon on overleaf in preference to separate sheet enclosed to the challans.
  14. eleven digit code need to be recorded in schedules
  15. Uniform format of time table for all recoveries of GPF (viz. Subscription, DA, etc.) ought to be followed.
  16. TA/PFW sanction orders have to always connected to the debit vouchers.
  17. Debit vouchers must be entered as in line with LOP
  18. No debit voucher must be missing
  19. There ought to no longer be any overwriting on the debit vouchers
  20. payments on Booster scheme should be made along side GPF bills
  21. Classification of Booster Scheme payments ought to be achieved successfully
  22. Ensure that points indicated in the check list, to be stored in mind by DDOs at the same time as forwarding GPF very last withdrawal packages, are compiled with.
  23. Page-clever totals where essential have to be labored out
  24. In case of challans, please mention the GPF account quantity and call of the subscriber in all copies.

Don’ts: There need to be no over writings. Misclassification of the Credits/Debits of Class-IV personnel ought to now not be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an AP ZPGPF Slip?

AP ZPGPF stands for Andhra Pradesh Government Employees’ General Provident Fund. It is a financial savings scheme for authorities employees within the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The AP ZPGPF slip is a file that suggests the employee’s contributions and the interest earned on their provident fund account. It may additionally consist of other details such as the employee’s name, designation, and GPF account number. This slip is commonly furnished to the employee by using the company or the relevant department.

How can I download my AP ZPGPF slip?

Employee can down load the AP ZPGPF slip with the aid of traveling respectable internet site of GPF department legit internet site through the use of login info.

What statistics is furnished on an AP ZPGPF slip?

An AP ZPGPF slip usually consists of the following facts: Employee’s call and GPF account quantity. Employee’s designation and department. Employee’s Basic Pay, DA, and different allowances. Employee’s GPF contributions and hobby earned at the account. Opening balance and remaining stability, details of any loans or withdrawals made against the GPF account. Financial year and the period of the slip. Any other relevant data as in line with the office record

How regularly are AP GPF slips up to date?

The frequency of updating AP ZPGPF slips may also range depending on the office or department. However, it's miles updated annually or on a quarterly foundation, relying on the workplace exercise. It is also possible to get entry to the updated data of your AP ZPGPF account on the official internet site of the Andhra Pradesh Treasury Department, which can be updated on a month-to-month foundation.

How can I test the balance of my AP ZPGPF account?

You can test the stability of your AP ZPGPF account by touring the legit website of the Andhra Pradesh Treasury Department (http://treasury.Ap.Gov.In/).

What is the difference among an AP ZPGPF slip and a income announcement?

An AP ZPGPF slip affords facts about the employee’s ZP GPF account, at the same time as a salary statement presents information about the worker’s revenue.

Can I practice for a loan against my AP ZPGPF stability?

Yes, you can practice for a loan in opposition to your AP ZPGPF (Andhra Pradesh Government Employees’ General Provident Fund) stability. GPF loans are to be had to authorities employees inside the state of Andhra Pradesh, who have finished at least 3 years of service and have a stability in their GPF account.

How can I replace my personal information on my AP ZPGPF slip?

To update your private records in your AP ZPGPF (Andhra Pradesh Government Employees’ General Provident Fund) slip, you will want to touch your respective department or workplace.

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