Kodiveri Falls Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Timings Beauty and The Best Time to Go

 Kodiveri Falls Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Timings Beauty and The Best Time to Go

The Kodiveri Dam is located 75km a ways from Coimbatore and 70 kilometers to Erode, Kodiveri Dam, built upon the Bhavani River is a stunning picnic spot close to Satyamangalam placed within the Erode district (20 kilometers to Bannari Mariamman Temple). Kodiveri Falls is a popular tourist vacation spot. Kodiveri Falls timings are from eight AM until 6 PM.

Kodiveri Falls

The Dam gives irrigation to extra than 25,000 lands. Near the lowest of the Dam, a fantastic park has been developed with diverse attractions.

The waterfalls near the bottom of the Kodiveri Dam are a astonishing spot with beautiful views of the waterfalls (close to the Dam). Since the waterfall isn't large, every body can get to the lowest of the waterfall and take within the view.

Swimming and bathing in the pool that is placed on the lower ranges of the waterfall will be a memorable enjoy. Entertainment is available for your wallet. Access price is best Rs.Four Per Person.




Kodiveri Dam locates at the Bhavani River close to Satyamangalam within the western vicinity of Tamil Nadu. The Dam is situated 15 km (9.Three miles) from Gobichettipalayam toward Satyamangalam through State Highway 15. The call "Kodiveri" is derived from the Tamil word 'Kodivari' which means tiger. It refers back to the vicinity of wooded area around the Dam in which tigers reside.

Coracle Rovers, which handles the rides, said the onslaught of travelers has extended since water from the Bhavani Sagar Reservoir to the Kodiveri test dam ultimate month to irrigate the fields tainted with the aid of the Thadapalli- Arakanakottai canals.

Sometimes coracle rovers from villages round earn their dwelling from fishing. A massive portion of tourists visits this place to sample freshly caught and cooked fish.

The lovely placing at Check Dam's picturesque place Check Dam gives the vicinity the recognition of a visitor attraction. While the lawn and playground for children aren't well maintained the ecosystem they create shall we visitors get into the festive temper.

Public Review

According to Public Works Department body of workers, who oversees this test dam non violent place enjoys a weekend of relaxation. Families acquire in the family gadgets seeing that alcohol is not permitted at Kodiveri falls.

Police officials have been advised with the aid of the workforce that they would rent CCTV cameras for surveillance to address individuals who were ingesting and entered the dam drunk. According to common people who go to the region, The region had in addition grown.

They first say that enhancing the centers for toilets to make it less complicated for traffic from in addition distances will enhance the appearance of the vicinity.

The front to Kodiveri Falls is positioned on each sides of the Bhavani River. It is possible to hire this circular boat from one side to the following. Some humans even walked over the water but this turned into too risky!

If you've ever been to Hogenakkal, you have visible the amusing of visiting aboard this kind of boats. The boat captain spins the boat to beautify the exhilaration. Kodiveri Falls is also referred to as 'Mini Niagara Falls.


The Bhavani river is a tributary with loads of u.S.A.And downs and its water isn't sufficient to meet the needs of the farmers inside the areas surrounding. The nearby area's chief minister has created a mandatory dam along the Bhavani River to deal with the vicinity's water and water-related crises.

Since its construction, the Dam has been able to offer a consistent and healthy supply of water to the vicinity. The amount of water used inside the place around it has been growing in addition to the manufacturing of food grains has additionally grown within the past.

Conditions improved and the place's in keeping with capita earnings grew. The government changed into capable of take over the Kodiveri falls as well as the Kodiveri falls Dam in 1937.

It become built on the time of the year 1125 AD in 1125 AD with the aid of Soja Kongalwan who was a member of Semba the Vettuvar Jayagonda. Making a dam became like creating a 20-foot wall of stone. The stones have been interlocked the use of iron rods and lead become used for mortar.

But, those symptoms aren't obvious until the dry season, while ranges of water within the river decrease considerably.

Two channels are shaped through the Dam Two channels are fashioned from the Dam. One is located on the northern aspect of the Bhavani river. The one on the south aspect is called the "Arakkan Kottai Channel" as well as it's far the "Tadapalli Channel".

The regions to the north of Gobichettipalayam are fertile way to the flowing of the Tadapalli channel. Sugarcane and paddy cultivation is general inside the vicinity. The stunning grasslands also are an absolute delight to look.

Technical Part

The Dam became built of cement and difficult stone. The sound walls have been at a width of 20 feet to serve as the primary wall with the intention to face up to the burden of water. Water launch controllers allow the water to go with the flow fluidly without causing damage to the encompassing regions. Lead rods with a thick iron middle were utilized inside the construction technique to provide help for the long term.

They created channels on both sides of the Dam to make canals. They created the Araka Kottai Channel and the Tadapalli Channel arranged on facets.

Gobichettipalayam is a fertile location due to the water glide from the Dam. Sugarcane cultivation is accomplished in large numbers on this place.


  • It is a superb dam for vacationers, with wonderful herbal surroundings.
  • Park with numerous fountains in addition to lush greenery in the location of Kodiveri Falls.
  • There is also the choice of crusing on a traditional boat known as "Thoni" (in Tamil).
  • The Kodiveri falls were obviously laid out in a way that they have 3 awesome locations for various varieties of humans to bathe and take satisfaction in.
  • There is a huge waterfall that guys can enjoy bathing in and a flowing water characteristic that incorporates a blend of medicinal herbs and their houses will have a effective impact on our bodies.
  • On the opposite hand is the waterfall, typically for ladies and youngsters without the chance of falling and a lack of privacy at Kodiveri waterfalls.
  • Anyone who would love to swim can spend the water stagnant, however, it's safe and the level is within safe ranges.
  • We can run our commercial enterprise like Somersaults.
  • The falls of this dam are acting a extraordinary job of irrigating around 25,000 hectares near the hinterland.
  • The Dam is expected to value around 75 lakhs for renovation in massive quantities.

Kodiveri Falls Timings

Kodiveri Falls timings are from 8 am until 6 pm with a cost of the tiniest sum of five INR as an front value. It is assumed that the Kodiveri falls timings can be affected because of the covid pandemic.

The quality time to be there

The first-rate moment to be there may be inside the afternoon. You can loosen up inside the tranquil clean waters, revel in a picnic in the park after the sun is going down, and revel in a deep-fried appetizer of fish.

Nearby locations to visit

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How to Reach

In Train

The first step is to tour through educate as much as Coimbatore Junction. After that, you need to attain Gandhipuram in which you can take huge buses on that road (i.E.) to Satyamangalam in addition to local buses that go to Kodiveri falls.

On the Bus

The first prevent is the Coimbatore Bus Stand, Gandhipuram then you may take the Satyamangalam bus after which your neighborhood educate to Kodiveri falls.

Email and Contact

Address: Kodiveri falls, Satyamangalam, Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: +91 99440 09978


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