Pykara Falls Ooty, Tamil Nadu Timings, Entry Fee, and the best time to visit

Pykara Falls Ooty, Tamil Nadu Timings, Entry Fee, and the best time to visit

Pykara falls are set in a lush forest background on the Pykara river. They're an absolute delight to see. The Pykara village is located 19km far from Ooty located in Tamil Nadu. The Pykara falls time is from 8:15 AM to 5:05 PM.


Pykara Falls

The name is derived from the river that runs across the village of Pykara and is considered sacred to the people of the land. Pykara River flows down from the mountains and flows over a series of waterfalls referred to as Pykara Falls. 

These waterfalls form 2 distinct parts of 55m as well as 61m and the beauty and beauty of the landscape can be used as a romantic weekend escape.

Pykara Falls offers among the most breathtaking and stunning images you'll ever see and is a perfect mix of water, clouds, and breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges.


The best moment to go

The ideal time to see the Pykara waterfall is between October through March. The weather is warm as well as it is a great time to visit the Paikara Falls are also in full activity. Make sure you arrive early to avoid crowds or waiting times.

Activities to enjoy in Pykara fall

Indulge yourself in Pykara Falls and many other activities, such as boating Jeep safaris, jeep tours, horseback riding, sightseeing, etc.


There are many boats for rent within the Pykara River area. You can hire either a speedboat or a motorboat.

Self-propelled vessels. The boating costs are about the amount of Rs. 150- 175 per person. Pykara Boat travel hours are from 9:30 AM until 5:30 PM.

Horseback Riding:

One of the most frequented activities enjoyed by tourists in Ooty is horseback riding. It is exciting and thrilling. You can go horseback riding in areas like the shooting area. There is a fee for entry for the area and the cost of lifting the horse could differ.

The forest is lush and green with tall pine trees and stunning scenic landscapes Pykara Falls is more than beautiful. It is a must to take long walks in the pine foliage and swim in the pool of water that is located at the base of the falls There are a lot of things you should not miss in this area. This is the ideal spot for adventurers and those seeking thrills.

Pykara Falls Timings

Here are Pykara Falls Timings and fees for entry:

Day Pykara Falls Timings
Monday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry Fee

  • Rs 0 (No Entry Fee)
  • Rs 175 per person for Boating

Places to look

boat House located on the Pykara River:

It's an additional attraction that draws people to Pykara Falls, including a restaurant. The place was been run by the Tamil Nadu Tourism and Development Corporation.

It also includes a variety of vessels. Motorboats can take around 20 minutes, while speedboats are 10 minutes. It's a good place to have fun.


Pykara Dam:

Pykara Dam locates near the Ooty-Gudalur highway. The dam has its own power plant in the vicinity of Pykara Dam. The dam is among the oldest construction projects in the nation and is dated back to the times of Lord Macaulay The British Viceroy of the United Kingdom. It continues to work to produce electricity. There is a reservoir that is attached directly to Pykara Dam. It is also possible to go to the dam.


Lake Pykara:

Lake Pykara, a World Heritage Site is an absolute must-see place in Ooty. It is possible to go boating or relax on the banks of the Pykara river. The ambiance that surrounds Lake Pykara makes it very stunning and captivating.

The lake is located just 2 km from Pykara Falls. The traffic in the area is minimal on days off. Lake Pykara is a beautiful area to amaze you. The purity and natural beauty that are found in the Pykara river are truly impressive.

Shooting Point:

It's approximately 3.8 kilometers away from Pykara Dam. Film industry professionals shot a variety of films and documentaries in this area. A lot of music scenes were been shot in this location.

There is a lot of greenery around. It's calm and cool here.

Horseback riders can also enjoy riding on the spot where they shoot. It is possible to climb a tiny hill for a stunning panoramic view of the surroundings.


M and N Chocolate Museum:

It's an amazing museum to visit and a great place to go. M and N Museum is located in Pykara Falls. M and N Museum is located just 8.8 km away from Pykara Falls. A selection of chocolates was also offered in the Museum. The cost of entry is the amount of Rs. 20 for the Museum. It is possible to learn the techniques for making chocolates.

If you exit the Museum You will be greeted with an ice cream layer. The chocolates are made with cane sugar and cocoa butter and averting the use of vegetable oil. People from home and from all over the world go to it.

It is also possible to purchase chocolate bars that were categorized as gifts for family members and friends. The dark chocolate that is made at this location is worth a try. It's a wonderful spot for children.

Hotels close to Pykara the waterfalls Ooty

  1. Wild Forest Resort, 12.2 km from the Pykara waterfall
  2. Safari The Land Villa Hotel is 11.2 miles away from Pykara Lake.
  3. Aventura Fern Hill, 14.1 km away from Pykara Falls.
  4. Wild Zest Ooty, 8.6 kilometers from Pykara falls.
  5. InnTheWild 7.6 km away from Pykara falls.


How to Reach    


By Air:

The closest airport to Coimbatore. Coimbatore.

By Train:

Ooty is linked to Mettupalayam through a railroad that is a meter gauge.

The closest station in the broad gauge is Mettupalayam. The major railway connection is Coimbatore.

By Road:

The Pykara has located 20km away distance from Ooty bus station.

Pykara Waterfalls Ooty Address

Pykara, Sholur,

Tamil Nadu, 643224, India