Umbrella Falls Bhandardara, Maharashtra Best Places to Visit near Falls

Umbrella Falls Bhandardara Maharashtra Best Places to Visit near Falls

Umbrella Falls Bhandardara is a gorgeous seasonal waterfall that is located situated at Bhandardara Dam in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. In this article, we will find out the exact location of Umbrella Waterfall, when it is best to visit and the most suitable locations to visit it.

Umbrella Falls is most impressive at a distance of 500 feet, between the lush and beautiful Sahyadri hills, and especially from the footbridge connecting the dam with the falls in the rainy season.


Umbrella Falls

It is referred to as an umbrella because of the space under Wilson Dam. Wilson Dam and the force of water that falls on the naturally positioned rocks create an impression similar to an umbrella

Alongside being appealing to visitors The waterfall is well-known for its ability to generate electricity.

Umbrella Waterfall Bhandardara Beauty

Umbrella Waterfall is the main feature of monsoon seasons. The dam is located 150 meters above sea level and is one of the oldest dams in the nation.

The sluice gates are opened to make two 60-80 feet cascades that fall over the rock. Pravara River Pravara Riva flows to another waterfall, Randha Falls, a few kilometers away from Umbrella Falls.

The Pravara River flows into a deep valley starting at 170 feet in the time of rain, and it creates an amazing view. While waterfalls are used to produce electricity for the area but a stunning view is an additional benefit.

The waterfall might not be as impressive as the beauty of other waterfalls on the ghats, however, they provide a tranquil environment with peace and tranquility.

The only downside to this waterfall is the gates to the dam are opened only during monsoon time and tourists can visit them during monsoon season.

Be cautious because the monsoon rains make it difficult to walk. But once you're there, the beauty of nature will make you forget the struggles in getting there.

The best time to be there

Starting in June and finishing with September Bhandardar can be described as a paradise for monsoon. In the Rainy season, nature's beauty in this gem has been enhanced. The temperatures range between 20 ° Celsius and between 20 and 30 Celsius ideal.

It is recommended to go to this spot during the morning or in the evening, when the sun's rays flow through the nearby forests, bringing a sense of renewal to your spirit. Waterfalls can also be explored as a site for birdwatching and other activities for trekking.


Best Places to Visit near Umbrella Falls Bhandardara

Here's a list of the most amazing Bhandardara tourist spots you should explore for a full and exciting trip.

  1. Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam was built on the huge Parwar river from 1910 to 1910. It is among the most fascinating spots in Bhandardara. The dam was surrounded by lush greenery. If you're looking for a location to have a relaxing picnic with your family or friends, Wilson Dam is the perfect spot to visit.

Activities to take part in such as picnics or walking in nature, exploring

  1. Randha Falls

Randha waterfalls are surrounded by lush vegetation. The Randha waterfall is among the most popular attractions in Bhandaradara village. Randha Falls is also the waterfall of the Pravara River, which falls 170 feet in height.

If you're looking to get the best views of these waterfalls then visit this treasure trove during monsoon season.

What to Do: sightseeing, Nature walks Kayaking, Camping

  1. Arthur Lake near umbrella falls

If you're looking to spend longer in peace visiting Arthur Lake will satisfy you. The lake is among the most frequent tourist attractions in the town, and visitors come to go on a boat or stroll around at night.

The source of Arthur lake comes from it's the Pravara River. The location of the lake will captivate you with its fog-covered mountains and vast grasslands are surrounded by the lake.

What to Do Sightseeing, boating, and hiking in nature

  1. Mount Kalsubai

Mount Kalsubai can be described as the top point of the Sahyadri range. This stunning peak is visible in the distance from the village. You can also take one of the most adventurous hikes to this summit in the nearby village.

If you think that trekking is a bit difficult, you could also take the steps. The stunning backdrop of Kalsubai Peak is a ubiquitous scene that can make your hunt memorable.

What to Do like sightseeing, trekking, etc.

  1. Agastya Rishi Ashram

If you're looking for your hunt to be more thrilling and venture a bit further than the boundaries of this town, consider visiting this Ashram. This is an ashram that is famous that is mentioned in the enchanting epic Ramayana.

The text mentions that Lord Rama and Lakshmana visited the ashram to ask for blessings from the most important sages.

Activities to take in like sightseeing, trekking, etc.


How do I reach Umbrella Falls

By Road:

If you are traveling by highway through Umbrella Falls, it is just a 3-4 hour journey from Mumbai. It is necessary to get on NH 160.

If you depart Pune and return, you'll need to take NH 60 to reach this location in approximately 4 to 5 hours. When you get to Bhandardara It is 500a m walk to get to Umbrella Falls.


Igatpuri station, located in Bhandardara is the closest rail station that is located close to Bhandardara (35 kilometers from Bhandardara). There are many state-owned road transport buses and taxi services in this area.



Finding a place to stay while you are in the Treasury is a breeze for you. A variety of hotels and resorts are suitable for your needs.

In other words, Amit Resort is just 1 km from Bandardara Dam, and Anandavan Resort is only 2 km away from the falls and has a different location that has exceptional amenities.

Now that you know more about Umbrella Falls, let's look at the things that surround the waterfall.

Things to keep

  • Umbrella Falls is one of the few hills that are surrounded by hills.
  • It is sloping in places so be sure to wear shoes and dress in comfortable clothes.
  • Don't forget to bring with you your water bottle.
  • All in all, Bhandardara is well worth visiting because there are numerous old forts, waterfalls, and adventure spots. In addition, is an abundance of transport options available within this area.

The timings for Umbrella waterfall Bhandardara

The timings and hours of opening are affected by changes in the COVID-19(corona) Pandemic. Check with their local authorities before your visit.

Waterfall Location for Umbrella

Bhandardhara, Wilson Dam, Ratangad to Rd, Rajur, Maharashtra.

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