TTD VIP Break Darshan Tickets Timings Tirumala

TTD VIP Break Darshan Tickets Timings Tirumala

In Tirumala, many visitors come to Shree Venkateshwara Swamy Darshan throughout the day. Pilgrims can take Darshan in the early hours of the morning. Therefore, for those that are considered VIPs there's an option to purchase VIP Break Darshan Tickets. The Tirumala VIP Break Darshan ticket time is 6 am every day.

VIP Break Darshan Tirumala Tickets

Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan Ticket Price: Rs. 500 per person.

VIP Break Hours: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 6:00 AM daily.

The temple is packed on Sundays and Saturdays, therefore, the majority of people would prefer highly recommended letters.

The total time to view is between 30 minutes to 3 hours, which includes the waiting time.

TTD break interruption of Darshan typically happens when there is a lot of congestion in Tirumala.

VIP Break Darshan Timings of Ticket

The following are below the VIP Break Darshan ticket times:

Day Morning Evening
Monday From 5:45 to 5:00 AM 07.00 PM until 7.45 7:45
Tuesday 6.30 AM until 7.00 AM 7 pm from 7.30 7:30 PM to 7.30
Wednesday 6.30 AM until 7.00 AM Evening
Thursday 6.30 AM until 7.00 AM 7:15 pm from 7.30 7:30 PM to 7.30
Friday 8.00 AM 8.30 AM No break
Saturday 5.00 AM until 5.30 AM No break
Sunday 5.00 AM until 5.30 AM No break

Viewing of VIP breaks is accessible in Thirumala. This allows the Swami to view without having to be pushed by their attendants. It is a great way to see without any push from their servants. Tirupati breaks for the VIP Darshan were divided into three levels. Generally L1, L2 and L3.

L1 VVIP executives like judges, top executive agencies of a government agency, and high-profile political organizations

The benefits from L1 Darshan

  • The movements between the Harathi, Theertha, and the line that leads to L1 Darshan and the line for L1 Darshan are slow, and they're permitted to stand at the front of the statue for a certain amount of time.
  • There is no pulling or pushing. The L1 line generally takes longer to see, around 45 to 50 minutes.

L2 TTD employees and family members, as well as the higher-level executives

Benefits from L2 Darshan

  • For L2 Harathi is readily available, as is the connection very smooth.
  • No pulling and pushing. Line view of L2 will take between 30 and 45 minutes.

L3 - Letters to the recommendation that is not directly connected to L1 or L2 come into this category. For L3 Darshan the line is jammed. It's a fast Darshan.

Break Darshan Method

VIP Break L2 Darshan for TTD Employees and Family Members of TTD

TTD family members should have an I.D. card that includes photographs of their family members on the reverse.

VIP Break L3 Darshan for Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters of recommendations from MLAs, M.P.s Ministers, Ministers, top officials TTD employees, etc.
  • It is the Executive Office or the Joint-Executive Officer who must speak to the Tirumala Tirupati Temple in Tirumala. The temple should be identified as a VIP break. Darshan as an exclusive break Darshan.
  • Alongside the recommendation letter to the JEO camp office, you are required to submit fingerprints and a valid mobile number. Also, you need to bring a photocopy of your I.D. proof.
  • It will take care of the 12-noon deadline and the letters that have been received in preparation for the following day's visit.
  • If Devasthan decides to accept this letter and decides to forward an SMS message to the mobile number registered on the evening of the same day.
  • Following receipt of an SMS message, a traveler is required to display the SMS along with a photo I.D. the proof of receipt inside MBC 34.
  • Tickets can be raised through the biometric system (fingerprints) therefore tickets cannot be transferred.
  • Be aware that the times for visiting cannot be postponed or canceled. If you do not get the darshan slot, you have to apply again for tickets.

Break Darshan Dress Code

Male White Pancha Dhoti/White Kurta Pajamas

Female: Saree with Blouse or Punjabi Outfit with Dupatta or Chudidar with Dupatta half Saree(Skirt from Voni).

Go Here to purchase tickets for VIP Break Darshan Tickets on the internet.

What do you do if you don't receive text messages?

  • When you hand in your letter at the JEO camp office. The JEO camp office will give you the reference number to use for letter acceptance as well as registration.
  • If your SMS has not been delivered on time, you may make an appointment at JEO Camp. Check-in at JEO Camp by 5:30 PM If there is no one in the JEO Camp Office, you can check the Break Darshan situation by going to MBC 34. MBC 34 Counter.
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