Triund Hills Trek Himachal Pradesh Timings, Tips, and Best time to go

Triund Hills Trek Himachal Pradesh Timings, Tips, and Best time to go

Triund Hills is where you can hike while enjoying the stunning landscape. If you're looking for an area to take advantage of your time by participating in something, think about this spot. It has a great perspective from the Bhagsu village Dharmasala villages. It takes about 4.5 hours to walk the entire 9km trekking route.


Triund Hills:

The place is a renowned place to hike for nature lovers. The area is surrounded by picturesque villages, crystal clear Himalayas, and lush trees, this area is situated within Kangra village, which is 17 kilometers away from Dharmasala. It's located at an elevation of 2,827 feet above sea level. If you are looking to spend some time outdoors you should consider visiting this site.

It is referred to as the most important jewel in the crown of Dharmasala located within the Dhauladhar mountain range. Trekking is a favorite activity that many visitors come to experience it. This stunning view attracts visitors from all over the world. The trail for trekking is not easy but can be quite difficult for those who are new to the sport. Every step this way makes you feel happy and calm while at the same time.

Triund Hills Trek Timings:

Day Timings
Monday From 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Tuesday 6 am - 7 pm
Wednesday From 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday 6 am - 7 pm
Friday From 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 6 am - 7 pm
Sunday 6 am - 7 pm

What to Do within Triund hills

  • Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the snow-white pearl-white mountains, the green trees, and the flowing streams.
  • It is also possible to go camping here since it's the ideal spot. It is possible to stay in a tent and gaze towards the skies, enjoying delicious food and talking to your buddies.
  • Enjoy the stunning dawn and dusk.
  • There is also the Bhagsu waterfall and Bhagsunah temple, which is located near the hills.

Locations to visit in the vicinity of Triund Hills:

Mcleod Ganj: Mcleod ganj is located in the Kangra district. The place's name is derived from Sir Donald Friell Mcleod, who was an officer in the military. With its stunning views, it draws a lot of visitors. It is located 9km from the hills.


Bhagsunag waterfalls: Bhagsunag falls have stunning beauty, as do Triund hills. Being closer to the falls will give you the most memorable experience of your life. Many visitors come to see the stunning waterfalls. Go to the Bhagsunag temple located near the falls.

Namgyal Monastery: Namgyal Monastery is the personal monastery of the 14th Dalal Lama. The Tibetian style is the inspiration for the majority of the area. Tourists and locals alike are interested in learning what is the Tibetian style. It is 4.3 kilometers away from Triund hills.

St. John's Church: After all your busy schedules and activities, you will be able to enjoy peace at this place of worship. Many different religions attend here. The church is constructed in a British style. The design of the church is a reflection of British culture. It is situated in Dalhousie located 47.1 kilometers away.

Jwalamukhi Temple: The temple is one of the well-known Shakti peeths found in India. This famous temple is renowned in the eyes of Hindu tourists. Not just Hindus but many other people of diverse cultures visit this temple. It is a must to visit this place and pray for the blessings of god. Jwalamukhi in English means Volcano. It is situated 142.7 km away from the hills.


  • Hotel Grand hill
  • Moon line residency
  • Lord Krishna Boutique stay.
  • Surya Mcleod
  • The Siddhartha hotel
  • Jungle hunt

The best timing to see the Triund Hills:

Triund is a waterfall that is breathtaking all through the season. The colors change throughout the year, however, to get the best experience, you should visit between March and September to December. The place will be blessed with stunning snowfalls that you should make the most of.

It is advised to stay clear of visiting during the time of rain as the trek can be hard and you won't get an opportunity to see the sights. It is recommended to begin your trek in the morning so that you will be able to complete the trek in the afternoon. Beware of nighttime as it could be hazardous out.

Tips to be followed while visiting:

  • After you reach Triund You can camp in Triund. There are many guest houses offered through Triund's Forest department.
  • Avoid hiking at night and opt for mornings.
  • Take containers for water, snack items, and warm clothes, as shops might close.
  • It is recommended to keep a raincoat in your bag because it could rain at any moment.
  • Always take note of the weather conditions before going there.
  • Make sure you book your hotel in advance, as it might be difficult to locate one in this area.

How to get there to Triund Hills:

By Road: Numerous buses can arrive at the site. It is also possible to hire taxis or private cars for the journey to Triund hills. The closest bus stop to the bus station is Mc Leod Ganj Bus stand located 8 km away. It is located 13 km away and the Dharmashala bus stop.

by air To reduce long travel times, you should consider the airlines. The closest airport can be found at Gaggal Airport located 10 kilometers away. Once you've reached the airport you can take private vehicles buses, taxis, or automobiles to reach the airport.

Trains Numerous trains are in operation to connect Himachal Pradesh. Pathankot Cancel is the nearest railway station. It's 9 km from the station.


Triund, Himachal Pradesh 176219

The phone number of Triund Hills:

Telephone number: 08380904609.

People also inquire:

Is Triund Trek a good option for those who are new to the sport?

It is indeed one of the easiest Himalayan treks. It is suitable for people who are just beginning.

What is it like to trek this trek? Triund trek?

It's between easy and medium.

What months are ideal to go trekking in this area?

June, May September, October, and May are the best times to visit this place.

Do I have the ability to complete my trek in one day?

It only takes about 4.5 hours to complete the hike.

Is Triund Trek safe for children?

It is certainly suitable for children, however, they may find walking for long distances tiring.

When will we see snow here?

Snowfall can be seen in December and February.