Thomala Seva Triumala Timings & Online Booking

Thomala Seva, Triumala  Timings & Online Booking

Devotees can choose Suprabhaatam in addition to Thomala seva to get closer to Lord Venkateshwara Swamy's diet. The Thomala seva time is at 3 AM and tickets can be booked at TTD's website.

The other sevas are inside the temple and are only offered with complimentary darshan.


Thomala Seva

The word Thomala originates originated from Thomala, which is the Tamil word Thoditta Malai which means worn garlands. Another sense is to be a bouquet made of flowers.

It is a Seva to dress Venkateswara Swami using all sorts of flowers. The handicraft is made by Chief Minister Srinivasa Swami. The seva starts after Nijaroopa as well as Vishwaroopa darshanam.

The laurels that bloom must be cut into smaller pieces, each with a particular size, and decorated with specific areas to magnify the divine splendor of God stunningly. The seva can only be taken on Tuesday, Monday Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday.

The Seva is about 30 minutes long. The paid Seva can only be used on Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, in complete solitude (travelers are not permitted) throughout the rest of the week.

For the majority of Seva's travelers, they had to adhere to traditional dress codes such as dhoti at the waist and an uttariya (upper clothing) worn on the shoulders for men, and women wear sari salwars.


Gathering Point

  • Devotees are required to gather at VQC-I.
  • One ticket per person is permitted.

Thomala Seva Tickets Online Booking

  • Online registrations are accepted starting at 11:00 am in the morning on the first Friday of every month.
  • You can reserve the Seva on the internet.

Thomala Seva Timings & Entrance Fee

Here are the Thomala Seva timings and the price of the tickets.

Day of Seva   Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday
Time for reporting 3:00 AM
Seva timings 3.30 AM
The price of tickets is Rs 220
The number of persons allowed    Only one person permitted.
Prasadam Two small laddu

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