Someshwar Waterfalls Nashik, Maharashtra Timings & The best time to go

Someshwar Waterfalls Maharashtra Timings & The best time to go

Someshwar Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls located in Maharashtra and is one of the most visited places by Nashik Tour Packages. Someshwar falls are often referred to by the name of Dudhsagar waterfall. It is Someshwar waterfalls' hours are from 6 AM until 9 midnight.


Someshwar Waterfalls

It is believed that the Someshwar waterfalls are located two kilometers away from Someshwar Temple in Nashik and 9.9 kilometers away from Nashik Central Bus Station; it is a stunning waterfall that is located close to Gangapur near the outskirts of Nashik.

Someshwar Falls is a magnificent waterfall situated near Gangapur located in the Nashik suburb. Dudhsagar waterfalls, also known by the name of Someshwar Falls, is one of the most sought-after places to stay in Nashik.

This little and lovely waterfall was built on the holy river Godai. The elevation of the someshwar waterfall is 10 meters and, during storms, the waterfall is enchanting because of the huge stream of water, and more greenery surrounding it.

It is a very popular vacation spot for families, and a wonderful spot for teenagers to stay the night. There is the Balaji Temple is situated near the waterfalls and is a must for those who are skeptical.

Dudhsagar waterfalls are among the top waterfalls found in Maharashtra. It is located 8km to the west of Nashik close to Someshwara Temple.

It is among the most stunning spots in Nashik. The amazing thing about this gorgeous fall is that its milky white water resembles a vast milky sea. Dudhsagar waterfalls measure 10 meters long and are creamy white.

The best moment to go

Monsoon is a great moment to appreciate the splendor of the stunning waterfalls. The people visit the waterfall as an area for picnics in the summer. Kids love stopping by this location at night to have peace and tranquility.


Someshwar Falls is famous for its

1.) The gorgeous white, cream water flowing across the cascades make it a stunning spectacle to behold.

2.) Stairs that are carved into the waterfalls' rocks provide an adventure for tourists who enjoy climbing these rock formations.

3.) The picture book-like scene with the views from the vantage point makes it a perfect picnic location.


Someshwar Waterfalls Timings

The Someshwar waterfalls' timings are:


Someshwar waterfalls timings


6 AM to 9 PM

6 AM to 9 PM


6 AM to 9 PM

6 AM to 9 PM


6 AM to 9 PM


6 AM to 9 PM


6 AM to 9 PM

Entry cost: Free

How to Get To Someshwar waterfalls

By Road:

Someshwar Waterfall is 2 km away from Someshwar Temple and 9 km from Nashik CBS Bus Stop. You can rent a taxi, cab or auto, or any other local transport method to get to this stunning spot via roads.

Nearest Airport:

Ozar Airport and Gandhinagar Airports are the closest Airports.

By Railway Station:

Nashik Road Railway Station is the closest Railway Station.

Someshwar as well as Dudhsagar waterfalls Place

Ambedkar Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422222

What hotels are located near Someshwar Waterfalls?

Hotels in the vicinity of Someshwar Water Fall:

  • Aria Resort Spa is 2.33 km away from Someshwar Falls.
  • The Kensington Club, 0.59 km away from Someshwar falls.
  • The Source is located in Sula, 4.59 km from Someshwar Falls.
  • Ibis Nashik is 4.49 kilometers from Someshwar Falls.
  • Utopia Farmstay is 5.93 kilometers from Someshwar Falls.

Some Waterfalls near Nashik

  1. Umbrella Falls

A stunning waterfall close to Nashik during monsoons is a must for people every of all ages. It's a popular park with water features such as Wilson Dam, Hydro Project, and a look at this waterfall that is shaped like an umbrella.

There are more visitors during weekends. The campers are situated near the waterfall and take their time exploring the greenery surrounding the reservoir.

Distance to Nashik Distance from Nashik: 68 km

Fee for entry: Nil

Time: 06:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Tips If you plan to swim, make sure you take extra clothing. It is recommended to bring your camera for photography along with camping gear, food, and drinking water as well as binoculars.

  1. Dhabosa waterfalls

It is the ideal waterfall in the vicinity of Nashik for couples on honeymoon and for those who love adventure. It is however not the best hydro attraction for arthritis sufferers. issues.

Honeymoon couples can go for strolls through the vegetation and then walk to this beautiful waterfall. Adventurous travelers can reach the waterfall by hiking. It is also possible to do rock climbing and rappelling when visiting the waterfall as part of an Adventure Tour Package or organized tour.

Distance to Nashik 99 km

Entry fee: Nil

Time: 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Tips If you're going on an adventure towards Dabhosa Falls, take a pair of trekking or hiking shoes and sticks. Others should bring a waterproof camera, binoculars, and pair of extra clothes including jerkins and binoculars. It is also essential to carry energy as well as food and water.

  1. Durgavadi Falls

Durgavadi falls is a breathtaking waterfall at 450 feet within the Sahyadri mountain range. They are beautiful in the monsoon rainfalls. Durgavadi falls are situated near the Someshwar waterfalls.

The milky waters flow through the entire rainy season. The time of rain is the ideal season to see Dugarwadi Falls. You must climb through the forest cover of the Sahyadri ranges to get to the base of this waterfall.

Distanz from Nashik: 37 km

Fee for entry: Nil

Time is open 24/7 to the general public as well as foreign tourists

Tips Travellers who are interested in the adventure should carry trekking, hiking shoes, and sticks. It is recommended to carry water energy and drinking water in a bottled food item. Don't forget to pack your water-resistant lens and camera.

  1. Vihigaon Falls

Vihigaon is a beautiful waterfall close to Nashik that falls about 120 feet high above it. It is located in the Sahyadri range. This impressive waterfall appears impressive from an in-between distance.

The most unique thing about the waterfall lies in its capacity to accommodate it can accommodate up to 200 people can take a dip in the monsoon season at one moment. It is High Drop Plunge Falls.

Distance between Nashik: 58 km

Entrance fee: NIL

Time: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM. It is essential to contact the Maharashtra Tourism Department during the monsoon season.

Tips Tips for Hiking and Trekking sticks and boots are essential if are planning an adventure trip towards Vihigao Falls. It is helpful to carry a waterproof camera, extra clothes, and binoculars.

  1. Pandavkada Falls

In Mumbai, the falls breathe an exhale of relief as they gaze at the spectacular views of the waterfalls. We can imagine an image from a fairytale of white water splashing against an unruly rock, and surrounded by lush, green vegetation.

About an hour's drive from Nashik's center of Nashik, The waterfalls are a short drive to the height of 107 meters and amaze visitors. The waterfalls are located close to The Someshwar waterfalls.

Distance to Nashik: 173 km

The entry cost is Rs 50 per person

Time 24-hours

Tips Do not enter the water since it is considered to be a risk.