Shri Chitragupta Swamy Temple Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu History, Timings & Poojas

Shri Chitragupta Swamy Temple Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu History, Timings & Poojas

Chitragupta Temple Kanchipuram is located near the main bus station at the Rettai Mandapam. It is an exclusive and distinctive dating back to the 9th century Chola period and dedicated to Chitragupta who was the chief administrator and minister of Lord Yama the God of death. The Chitragupta temple's timings are 5 am to 11 pm.


Chitragupta Temple Kanchipuram

Chitragupta is a recorder of all the good and evil actions of humans and decides whether to take the souls to hell or heaven by their deeds.

God Brahma created Chitragupta with the help of Lord Surya He was thought of as the elder brother of Lord Yama.

Chitragupta is believed to be the ultimate god of Ketu Ketu, which is one of the Navagrahas. Also, anyone who worships Chitragupta at the Temple will gain riches and prosperity, as well as the problems of Ketu are cured.

Some believe that one travels to Kalahasti for naga dosha. However, in Kalahasti only Rahu compensation is sufficient and therefore it's not complete and compensation is not complete without Ketu. Therefore, that the Dosham of Chitragupta's journey to the temple was completed within the day.


The Cholas built the Chitragupta temple in the 9th century. Chitragupta is also called Chitragupta Swami, the temple's god of worship who holds a pen with his left hand, and an open palm leaf in his left hand, as an indication of the significance of the work he did.

Chitragupta's statue Chitragupta is visible alongside their wife of his, Karnikambal. Through the worship of Chitragupta, the belief is that the devotee grants blessings and counteracts the negative consequences of Ketu.


Who designed Chitragupta Temple?

It is among the temples with intricate designs of the Western Group and one of the most popular attractions within Khajuraho. Chitragupta Temple was constructed during the reign of Chandela rulers in the year 1023 AD It is committed to the god Lord Surya. The temple is located to the east and is the sole sun temple located in Khajuraho.

History of Legends

Parvati brought life to the rainbow color picture designed by Lord Shiva:

One version states that Lord Shiva presented the image depicting the colors of the rainbow of Goddess Parvati. ultimately Sri Chitra (picture) was transformed into Gupta Swami.

Kamadhenu presents Chitragupta Temple:

To get rid of this curse, Sri Indira Devan. Kamadhenu was the father of Sri Chitragupta Swami Indira in heaven. We abstain from cow's dairy and yogurt to honor Sri Chitragupta Swami.

Lord Yama Dharma asks for assistance from Lord Shiva:

It was the Lord Yama Dharma who had to calculate the virtues and sins that millions of individuals believed it was impossible to accomplish this task on his own and prayed to Lord Shiva to grant him assistance. Lord Shiva immediately directed Brahma to grant Yamu his assistance. Brahma knows that this is feasible only through Surya Bhagavan (Sun god).


Brahma set off a fire within the sun.

The sun encourages romance and when it is in a romance, all seven colors of the rainbow combine to create a woman. The blue goddess is her name. goddess and she is alongside the sun.

The couple results in the birth of male children during Chithirai, the Tamil month Chithirai and is named in his honor as Chitraputhiran during the day of the full moon.

The baby was holding an unwritten paper in the left of his hand, and a writing nail on his right. (People gave him various colored clothes as Chitragupta had been born into the Rainbow and people presented him with a variety of clothes).

Chitragupta seeks the blessings of Shiva:

Chitragupta made penance and offered prayers to Lord Shiva He gradually reached enlightenment and had all the charisma. Chitragupta began to design to test his abilities. It was an awestruck "God of Creation" Brahman. The incident was reported at Surya Bhagavan.

Surya Bhagavan advised his son Chitragupta to establish the hours of the human race by defining night and day and then calculating the good of humans. Creation is Brahman.


Sun God gives Chitragupta the order to assist  Yama:

The Sun God was able to decide to get married to take his son into his custody. The brides were Prabhavati The child of a Maya Brahmin of Shiva descent, Neelavathi, Manu Brahma, and Karnagi Chitragupta who was the sister of Vishwa Brahma.

Disappointed by the fact that Chitragupta was taking care of his family in a happy way, Yamu complained to his father, "Suryudu", and "Surya Bhagavan" immediately sent Chitragupta accountable and assisted Yamu.

The Chitragupta who went into the God of Yama world with his wife takes note of the good and bad actions.

Chitragupta Temple Timings

Chitragupta temple timings run between 5 AM and 11 pm. It is Chitragupta temple timings for Sunday through Saturday are 5 AM until 12 midnight and from 5 PM to 11 PM.

Poojas are held at the temple every day at four times, i.e., morning evening, afternoon, and evening. Additionally, on the request of worshippers, devasthanam may perform special rituals.

Special Poojas

Parihara Abhishekam in Chitragupta Temple

Pooja Cost: Rs.600 / -. It is necessary to notify the temple officials at least one day before the event.

Sarpa Dosham/ Kalasarpa Dosham, Rahu, Ketu Puja

The cost of the pooja is Rs.3500 /-, and you have to notify temple officials at least five days before the date.

Parihara Chitranna Milk Abhishekam

Pooja Cost: Rs. 1800 / -. It is necessary to notify the Chitragupta temple officials five days before. The puja is to be performed for seven weeks, and only on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 07:30 am.


The main festival in the Chitragupta temples is called one of the main reasons for attending the Chitragupta wedding ceremony held on Chitra Pournami (the day that is full moon in Chitrai month). People who are devoted to the temple will perform special rituals of pooja on the day.


Chitragupta is believed to be the God of Ketu on the nine planets. Therefore, any offerings made to Chitragupta will provide us with relief from all the difficulties and problems of Ketu. The gift includes cereals and seven lamps and multi-colored clothes with anointing.

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How do I get there?

Road It is right next to the main bus stop close to the Rettai Mandapam

Rail The closest Railway Station is located in Kanchipuram

Air: Nearest Airport locates in Chennai for the journey to Chitragupta temple.


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