Shree Jyotiba Devasthan Kolhapur, Maharashtra History, Festivals & e-Pass Booking

Shree Jyotiba Devasthan Kolhapur, Maharashtra Timings, History, Festivals & e-Pass Booking

Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur is a stunning temple in the vicinity of Ratnagiri located in Maharashtra. Jyotiba temple opening hours run from 4 AM until 11 pm. We can find out more about the past; the holidays celebrated, accommodations, and Jyotiba temple registration online at the temple.

Jyotiba Temple

The temple was constantly flooded with "Rang" which is the color used in playing Holi. Since Gulal gives to the Lord Jyotiba as a sign of the devotion of those who visit, the magnificent temple Jyotiba constructed for the Lord. As its name implies it is the symbol of three gods.

Pilgrims have faith in visiting the temple after having visited it after visiting  Mahalakshmi Mahalakshmi Temple. It is located at 3124 feet above sea level The views from the temple are stunning.

The tranquil atmosphere, coupled with the beauty of the church, provides the visitors and pilgrims with an atmosphere of peace and calm.

The Jyotiba Temple had been constructed in 1730 under the direction of  Ranoji Shinde. The magnificent temple is believed to be 55 feet long 37 feet wide, and 77 feet tall.

The interior is beautiful and straight The exterior features long steps that pilgrims need to climb to get to the temple's main entrance. The climb is around 100 steps and is lined with some shops.

The shops offer everything from flowers and coconuts to CDs and stores selling photographs of Lord Jyotiba. The most well-known festivals in the magnificent shrine include Chaitra as well as Vaishakh which was celebrated during Hindu months.

They are also known as Chaitra Purnima because they occur throughout the moon's full moon in this month. It is an annual celebration in which all devotees get together to play with Gulal.

The entire hill of Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur was covered in gulal which is a stunning spectacle and an unforgettable festival to attend.

Jyotiba Kolhapur Legend

Lord Jyotiba As mentioned previously is regarded as being the incarnation of the three gods.

It is believed that when the demon Ratnasura was ravaging the area in the area, God Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma took on the identical shape and kill the demon. The Lord Jyotiba was born in the year Chaitra Shukla to Vimalambuja, the wife of the Sage Paugand.

He assisted Goddess Mahalakshmi to destroy Ratnasura and created his kingdom on this mountain. He was also been believed to have defeated the monster known as Raktabhoj.


History and Architecture

The Jyotiba Temple was built in three distinct stages. Navaji Saya established the original temple. Later, the current main temple was constructed on the site of the original by Ranoji Shinde in 1730.

It's 55 feet long and 37 feet in width, and it is 77 feet tall. The second section of the temple was built in 1808 by Daulatrav Shinde around 1808 and is 44 feet long and 22 feet wide and 89 feet high.

The third temple was constructed on top of the second temple. The exact date and time are unknown, however, it is believed to be around 1780.

The temple's main part was constructed in the late Maljee Neelam Panhalkar and is 13 feet long 13 feet wide, 13 feet high, and 40 feet high.

The entire temple has an old interior. Recent changes have made the temple more comfortable and easily accessible.

The triangular domes that comprised the temples were painted yellow as the walls and the main body was made from similar stone.

Festivals are celebrated

In these holy seasons that fall between Chaitra and Vaishakh, the festival is an annual fair held at Kolhapur. Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur. Tourists and devotees travel throughout the nation to attend this event.

This month Chaitra was regarded as spring. Goddess Jyotiba is celebrated during these months. People who are devoted play in gulal on this festival day.

The lens is coated in full color and creates this gorgeous pink color that can be seen from a large distance.

Devotees wear a stick at the temple known as "Sasan". The stick is heavy and long, therefore 15 men agreed to take the stick.

The act of carrying the stick is thought to be a sacred ritual and could be an act of God.

Men who do not have the luxury of carrying the weight of a large stick, choose to carry their own small stick to symbolize their customary status. Men who are attending the festival are wearing yellow or orange turbans.

Visually, it appears to be an appealing juxtaposition to the other gulal that they cover. The color of the tiaras worn by males is the same as the color that is worn by the Jyotiba idol at the temple.

The annual celebration in Jyotiba Temple. Jyotiba Temple is among the richest cultural events in India and has been happening for hundreds of years. Families have attended it for generations.

The Maharashtra government has recognized the enormity of the celebration. It has sent Special Forces to manage and oversee the devotees. millions of people from all over the nation visit Kolhapur to enjoy Jatara. Jatara.


Tips to visit Jyotiba Temple

  1. It is not recommended to go to the temple during the full moon or on Sundays since this temple was crowded with people.
  2. Drink plenty of water as you could be forced to stand in queues for several hours.
  3. Do not wear light or white clothing to temples as devotees throw the gulal.
  4. Enjoy the delicious lassi from the Surya Lassi shop close to the temple.

Jyotiba Temple e-Pass Booking for Darshan

The best news is that online booking to book Sri Jyotiba Darshan Pass is now available. Here are the steps required to submit an online application to apply for Sri Jyotiba Online Darshan.

  • The first step is to visit first the website to learn more about Jyotiba Temple.
  • Go to the E Pass Darshan link at the top of this page.
  • On the next tab in the new tab, you will see the E Pass Application Form will appear.
  • Complete all the information required on the application form.
  • If we have a family member, we have a visit with our family.
  • Click on Save.

So, apply online for Darshan for the Jyotiba temple e-pass reservation.

Press Note: In the event of a corona, the temple administration delays the online registration process. Please go to the official website to find out more information.

Shree Jyotiba Temple Timings

Here are the Jyotiba Temple timings:

Event Jyotiba Temple Timings
Temple opens 4:00 AM


Hotels to Stay

  • The Treebo Trend Shree Sai Suits, 0.3 km away from Jyotiba Temple.
  • Hotel Darshan, 0.5 km away from Jyotiba Temple.
  • Pavillion Hotel located 0.5 km away from Jyotiba Temple.
  • The Hotel Royal Treat is located in Kolhapur, 0.3 km from Jyotiba Temple.
  • The hotel Silver Oak, 0.6 km away from Jyotiba Temple.



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