Ramtirth Waterfall Ajara, Maharashtra Timings The best time to visit and Address

Ramtirth Waterfall Ajara, Maharashtra Timings The best time to visit and address

Ramtirth WaterFall Kolhapur is a stunning waterfall situated at Ajra 35 kilometers far from Amboli and 59 kilometers from Belgaum. The Ramtirth falls is among the most stunning waterfalls in Maharashtra and is among the most visited places in Kolhapur. Ramtirth time of the waterfall starts at 6 AM and until 6 PM.

Ramtirth Waterfall

It is Ramtirth Falls is a natural waterfall located on the Hiranyakeshi River and is known for its breathtaking peace and tranquility as well as the stunning landscape. It is mostly used for a picnic during the day and is away from the bustle and noise of the bustle of the city.

According to legend, the place is named for it was named after Lord Rama resided in the area during his exile from the forest. Kolhapur is among the places you must visit.

The most notable characteristic that makes the waterfall unique is that it is never dried up. But, when the waterfall is at its peak during monsoon time, the beauty increases.

It is also famous for its stunning natural beauty. Numerous temples within the region were filled with worshippers every day.

The best moment to go

When the waterfall is at its peak during monsoon time, the beauty of the waterfall is magnified. It is also famous for its stunning natural beauty.

Hotels near Ramtirth Falls

  • Hotel Paradise, 910 m from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Alukar Resort, 24.1 km from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Hotels Minerva Paradise, 2.5 km from Ramtirth Fall.
  • The Hotel Ashirwa Gargoti, 21.1 km from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Mrugaya Nature Retreat Resort 28.5 kilometers from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Sayaji Lodging, 21km away from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Sai Resort, 20.1 km from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Ajara Agro Tourism, 10.6 kilometers far from Ramtirth Fall.
  • The hotel Morning Star, 2.3 km from Ramtirth Fall.
  • Garava Esort, 28.9 km from Ramtirth Fall.

Things to do close to Kolhapur

  1. Panhala Fort

Panhala is an alpine hill station as well as an urban area that lies 18 km to the northwest Kolhapur located in Kolhapur in the Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. It is a tiny city located in Maharashtra and the city that is growing the fastest according to it is governed by the Municipal Council.

It is located across The Panhala Fort, and the city provides a stunning panorama of the valley below. The most popular tourist attraction can be found in the Panhala Fort.

      2. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Kolhapur Maharaja declared this reserve in the form of the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary in 1985. Also called the Bison Sanctuary This location is well-known for its Indian gourds or bison.

In addition, leopards lazy bears, tigers, and so on. Also, lazy bears, leopards, lazy bears, etc. can be witnessed. It is located in dense green trees. This is an ideal place to enjoy a picnic from the hustle and bustle of the city.

      3. Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum(New Palace)

The palace that is now located on the Bhawani Mandap-Kasaba Bwda road was built between 1877 and 1884 it was the residence of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj.

The ground floor of the palace is converted into a museum that contains a collection of artifacts from the King's reign as well as items from his possessions.

      4. Gaganbawada

Gaganbawada is an Indian town situated in the Western Ghats or Sahyadri, 55 kilometers from Kolhapur. The town's hill is not developed and is known for its Gagangad Fort, Karul Ghat, and Bhubavda Ghats.

There are numerous temples, including the Lakshmapur Dam and the caves of the Pandavas It has also been featured in a variety of Bollywood films.

      5. Sagareshwar Deer Sanctuary

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, a specially protected area located in the Kolhapur District, is home to a variety of jungles.

The wildlife that covers around 11 square kilometers was also introduced artificially in the fields. The sanctuary is awash with biodiversity and is a very popular tourist spot in Maharashtra.


Ramtirth Waterfall Timings

Its Ramtirth Waterfall timings are between 6 am and 6 PM.


How to Reach Ramtirth Waterfall Kolhapur

By Air:

The nearest airport is Pune. It is possible to hire a cab or bus from Kolhapur.

Another airport nearby: Goa International Airport - just 152 km away from Kolhapur

By Road:

Kolhapur is situated on National Highway 4, connecting Mumbai and Bangalore.

The travel time from Mumbai to Kolhapur is approximately 8 hours. The journey to Pune takes about 3 hours.

Government buses run departing from Pune as well as Mumbai from Mumbai and Pune to Kolhapur every half hour. There are private buses that go to Kolhapur.

By Train:

Following the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj's connection well with major cities in India the city was transformed into Kolhapur Railway Station.

It is situated on the Pune-Miraj Kolhapur portion of the Central Railway. Trains daily are scheduled to Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, and Tirupati, and weekend trains to Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Ramtirth Waterfall Kolhapur Address

Ajara Ramtirtha Road, Maharashtra 416505, India

Digital Address (Plus Code):

Sulgaon, Maharashtra, India