Matheran Hill Station Maharashtra Resorts, and the best time to visit

Matheran Hill Station Maharashtra Resorts, and the best time to visit


Matheran Hill Station is the most adorable hill in India The hill is accessible to those who stay at resorts and hotels at Matheran hill station. The ideal time to be visiting Matheran hill is between October and May. How can you reach Matheran? Tourists can get there using a variety of methods of transportation. The best spot to enjoy sunset and sunrise views and beautiful scenery.


Where is Matheran Hill Station

A lot of tourist destinations in Matheran are unaffected by bustling urban life. The area is situated located in the Western Ghats, which is located 800 meters higher than sea level. Matheran is a place that has always nice weather to enjoy anytime. It is possible to see the true magnificence of this hill in the time of rain and storms.

Matheran hill is environmentally friendly and doesn't have an overflow of vehicles and buses that sound horns on the road. The most appealing thing about Matheran hill station is that it's tranquil and serene with numerous spots with views of the natural world which allows everyone to be stress-free.

Many people visit the hill not only to hike but as a reward for photographers to take in the beauty of Matheran.

Tourists and tourists go to Matheran and can explore the area by walking. The majority of people plan their visit to Matheran and go on treks and camping, rappelling, and more.

Resorts in Matheran

Below are the top hotels located in Matheran hills.

  1. Adamo, The Resorts
  2. Usha Ascot Resorts
  3. Horseland Resort & Mountain Spa
  4. Kumar Resort Matheran
  5. Westend Resort Matheran Stay
  6. Dune Barr House Resort
  7. Radha Cottage Village Resort
  8. Fleetwoods House Resort
  9. Rivergate Resort
  10. The Byke Resort
  11. Saguna Baug
  12. Brightlands Resort
  13. Sun N Shades Resort
  14. Matheran Green Field Resort
  15. Rangoli Retreat


Best Time to Visit Matheran Hill Station

Matheran enjoys beautiful weather throughout the year However, the ideal moment to travel to Matheran is from October to May.

  • The monsoon is now receding from October through November and the temperatures will be perfect and ideal to go on a tour.
  • In winter between December and February, the hill station is serene and ideal for couples who are on their honeymoon.
  • The days of this time are expected to be sunny, however the early mornings and the evenings will be chilly.
  • From March through May, temperatures will rise in the daytime. This is ideal for walking trails, sightseeing, and other adventure activities.
  • The forecast is for heavy rain during the rainy season, from June to September. outdoor activities are demanding.
  • In this time of year the hill will be populated by only a few visitors and you can take pleasure in the rainy days and lush nature in peace.


How to Reach Matheran Hill Station

  • On Air The closest Airport to Matheran hill station in Mumbai is 100 kilometers. From there, you can hire an auto or a bus to go to Hill station.
  • Train The closest railroad station is Neral which is located 21 kilometers away. Trains that travel departing from Mumbai up to Karjat will make stops at Neral.
  • Road State buses run between Pune and Mumbai towards Matheran. The bus service will stop 2.5 kilometers from the top of the hill. the passengers must take to the rest of the way on horseback, using rickshaws or walking.