Kakatiya Musical Garden Warangal, Telangana Architecture & Timings

Kakatiya Musical Garden  Rock Garden, Architecture & Timings

Kakatiya Musical Garden is about 300m from Kakatiya Rock Garden, which is about 300 meters away. Kakatiya Rock Garden is famous for its fountain that plays music. Kakatiya Musical Garden Timetables are 9 AM to 8 PM.

A lot of tourists and locals visit this spot every year, especially during public holidays and on weekends to watch the music fountain show. The location hosts a musical fountain show every night starting at 7:45 pm all through the year.

Kakatiya Musical Garden

The area covers fifteen acres The Kakatiya Musical Garden can be an oasis of calm for those new to the hustle and the bustle in Warangal town.

The garden is beautifully designed and well-maintained, allowing visitors to unwind and enjoy their time with their loved ones. The garden was set against the structure of a huge stone that gives a completely new look to the garden.

In addition, a fake waterfall has been created to enhance its beauty. Every rock and waterfall will make visitors feel at peace with nature, despite being located in the city's midst.

The main attraction in Kakatiya's Musical Garden Kakatiya's musical garden is an immense fountain for music within the center.

The fountain at the park has soothing music and is stunning in the evening when bright lighting surrounds the fountain. The performance that begins at 7 pm includes music, lights, and water that are in perfect time and offers a great diverting experience for visitors and adds a touch of excitement.

Kakatiya Lake

Kakatiya Musical Garden additionally has an amazing lake. Tourists are also able to use the boating facilities available on the lake. Relaxing and enjoying a peaceful boat trip while enjoying the beautiful scenery is an amazing ability.

The park authorities are trying to provide a range of innovative options to create a new world that will be more attractive to visitors.

Plans are in place to set up an indoor play space along with a mother-and-child center and a frog rock goal as well as the purpose of a sunset reed. There are also plans underway to build the dining room as guest accommodation during the day for guests.

Warangal is located at a distance of 148 metric linear units away from Hyderabad the capital city in Telangana state. Regular buses are going to Warangal from various parts of the state. Additionally, Warangal being a major terminal is connected to all the major cities. Visitors can visit the park and can enjoy the excellent amenities. The gardens within the park are maintained.

The trees are nicely decorated and the entire space is bright and cheerful because of the vibrant flowers. It was planned to create an herb garden to increase the beauty of the shooting and enhance the space.

Kakatiya Musical Garden is a frequent destination for visitors and is a popular spot for Brodingnazian crowds during holidays and weekends. Visitors love to go to the park with friends or families to enjoy an enjoyable, real-time.

Kakatiya Rock Garden

Kakatiya Rock Garden The Kakatiya rock garden is an exquisite garden created for the rulers of the Kakatiya Dynasty. It is among the most well-known attractions of the city and is located about 1.5 kilometers from the city's center. Kakatiya rocks are part of the Kakatiya music garden.

Stone statues of different species of animals, including deer sambar, lion, and antelope, are set in a pattern of decorative design at this location. Alongside the stone sculptures, numerous flowers were found throughout the park.

This park is well-known to tourists and is a favorite spot for children, older and senior citizens of Warangal, Telangana.


The design of the garden is like the other garden in India except for animal statues made of stone which are rare in a place like India in which flowers are the most popular feature of the majority of gardens. The garden features statues of a variety of species of animals, such as giraffes as well as lions, sambar deer, and Antelope.

The garden also has an artificial waterfall which is in the shape of a rock that will provide a soothing experience for your senses. The garden is adorned with various floral arrangements that enhance its beauty. area. There are many playgrounds for kids.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to Kakatiya musical gardens is in the months following the rainy season and all through winter.


The Kakatiya musical garden is situated in the middle of the city, which means that several places to eat or stay can be easily located nearby. The hotels that stay in are

  • Supreme Hotel,
  • Hotel Suprabha,
  • City Grand Hotel,
  • Ashoka Hotel and
  • Hotel Landmark.

There is a restaurant where you can eat.

  • Haveli Restaurant,
  • Shalimar Cafe,
  • Cafe Casino
  • Classic Bakery,
  • Rang Restaurants and numerous others,

These places are all within reach during your visit to Musical Garden.

places of interests

  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Warangal Fort
  • Bhadrakali Lake
  • Thousand Pillar Temple

Kakatiya Musical Garden Timings

Following are Kakatiya Music Garden's timings:

Day Kakatiya Timings for Musical Garden
Sunday 9 AM 8 PM
Monday 9 AM - 8 PM
Tuesday 9 AM  - 8 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 8 PM
Thursday 9 AM - 8 PM
Friday 9 AM - 8 Pm
Saturday 9 AM  - 8 PM

Musical Fountain Show Timings 7.45 PM  (All days, weekends included or public holidays)

Entry cost is Rs 10

Camera Charges - Rs 20

How can I get there?

By Air

The nearest airport can be found at Hyderabad International Airport forKakatiya musical garden.

By Train

The closest Station of Railway Station can be found at Warangal Railway Station


Kakatiya musical garden near MGM, Thadakamalla Village, Warangal, Telangana.

Phone: 099491 69257

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