How can I book tickets for the Senior Citizens of TTD Darshan Tickets?

How can I book tickets for the Senior Citizens of TTD Darshan Tickets?

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam gives TTD senior citizens Darshan for those who are over 65 years old and physically handicapped. However, because of Covid, TTD senior citizens' Darshan has been stopped for a period of one and one-half years.

This is truly a piece of excellent news for those who are disabled and the elderly. TTD has revived the senior citizen Darshan.

This article gives complete information about Senior Citizen Darshan including the entry points, timings, instructions, etc.


TTD Senior Citizen Darshan

The TTD has launched a new Senior Citizen Darshan program that is specifically designed for people who are old and handicapped. TTD has created special arrangements for devotees to Darshan.


Here TTD has a unique allocation for Darshan and a separate access location for those who are pilgrims. TTD strives to offer the finest facilities for devotees who are visiting Tirumala.

This method has proven to be the same. The devotees who are going to Darshan must get their tickets from the counter below.

This scheme will end the suffering of people who can't stand in long lines and are forced to go around looking for tickets. The scheme identifies Darshan's exact entrance point and times as shown below.

Information concerning Tirumala senior citizen Darshan

  • Senior Citizen Darshan was a gift to anyone who is over 65 years old.
  • This Darshan lets a devotee who is over 80 years old and an assistant or one person participate in Darshan.
  • It's an offline booking ticket that is collected before Darshan in Tirumala The online ticket booking has been accessible on this official website.
  • This Darshan is free for seniors.
  • The times for Darshan will begin at 10:00 AM, and the second at 3:00 pm (reporting is scheduled for 01.00 pm).
  • On Fridays, there's only one slot that starts at 3:00 PM.
  • The devotee must be able to Darshan together with their Aadhaar card as proof of age and identity.
  • The entrance point for Darshan is usually The S1 Counter (or) Supatham (or) close to Tirumala Nambi Temple.
  • Timing for ticket counters begins from 6:30 AM until 10:30 AM.
  • You can purchase tickets at the S.V. Museum, Tirumala.

What is the fee for the Senior Citizens' Darshan?

Senior citizens are required to be able to enter for Darshan at the Supatham entry point. Supatham is located just 50m from the entry point to Vaikuntham Q. Vaikuntham Q temple complex. They will transport senior citizens as well as their companions to the main entrance of the temple by a specially-designed bus.

They will also stop the general darshan line for a brief period and seniors will be permitted to go. Darshan can take between 1-2 hours depending on the number of crowds.

The Slots and Tickets that are available

Day Number of ticket Slots Darshan Timings
Sunday 700 tickets First Slot 10:00 AM
  700 Tickets to play Second Slot 03:00 PM
Monday 700 Tickets First 10:00 AM
  700 Tickets Second 03:00 PM
Tuesday 700 Tickets First 10:00 AM
  700Tickets Second 03:00 PM
Wednesday 700 tickets First Slot 10:00 AM
  700 tickets for Second Slot 03:00 PM
Thursday 700 Tickets First 10:00 AM
  700 Tickets Second 03:00 PM
Friday 1,000 Tickets in a Single Slot 03:00 PM
Saturday 700 Tickets First Slot 10:00 AM
  700 Tickets 2nd slot 03:00 PM

Acceptance and documents

Voting for people over 65 years old is only permitted in The Senior Citizens Quota, subject to the presentation of their ID and age proofs, i.e. Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter Card Etc.

How do I go about booking a procedure to make Senior Citizen Tickets Online Reservation?

Here you can find information regarding ticket bookings for seniors through the government's official site.

  • Go to the official site for TTD Seva Online by clicking the hyperlink.
  • Enter your login time slot details, mobile number, and OTP.
  • Next, choose the Quota for people with disabilities and select the appropriate category, either disabled or medically ill senior or senior citizen.
  • Next, choose one of the dates on your calendar (green indicates Quota is available and red means Quota is not available, and blue indicates that Quota is not available)
  • Choose the checkbox to are willing to accept your time slot. Click "Continue".
  • Confirm your ticket and you will receive a confirmation message that confirms the ticket.

TTD Senior Citizen Darshan Rules

Guidelines for Senior Citizens as well as disabled Pilgrims:

  • The person who is a devotee has to present their Aadhaar card to prove their identity.
  • A person who is physically challenged must display his Physically challenged Certificate 3. It is issued by the relevant Medical Board.
  • When the spouse is older than 65, spousal visitation is permitted.
  • Anyone over the age of 80 Age can have the assistance of an attendant or assistant Darshan.
  • Patients with a long-term health risk are permitted to take Darshan with medical documents as well as the Aadhaar Card (e.g. open surgery kidney failure, cancer asthma, cancer, etc.) only once every 90 days.
  • Electronic gadgets are not permitted to be used during Darshan.
  • Grandchildren under 12 years of Age were admitted as an older citizen's ticket.
  • The postponement, carrying forward, or ceasing of any reservation is not allowed.
  • If there is a delay in reporting, pilgrims must make an effort to seek Darshan only through Sarvani Darshan.
  • Shoes-wearing pilgrims are not permitted inside the lines of people waiting to get in, Mada streets, and the temple.
  • TTD retains the option to suspend or cancel Darshan under certain circumstances.

For more information on the Senior Citizens of TTD Darshan 2022 online Booking Visit the website. For more information about TTD go to

If you're looking for any information, contact TTD Helpline at +91 155257


Is TTD open to seniors?

Seniors (65 or over) can go to Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple at no cost. Senior citizens also received the opportunity to use a laddoos free ticket (2 laddoos for each person).

Where can we get the tickets for the Darshan for senior citizens?

Vaikuntham Q Complex-2. Opposite S.V. Museum, Tirumala. (Senior citizen tickets are yet to be distributed in Tirumala currently offline). You can only get tickets online

How far in advance do we need to book a TTD Darshan ticket?

If you have visited TTD when you book tickets through the website, however, you will be able to only purchase tickets for up to 3 months. Beyond that the traveler can reserve tickets for the service minimum of, three days before the date of travel.

How do I reserve a 300 rupees ticket for Tirupati Darshan on the internet?

Devotees can use TTD Board's official website to book special darshan entry, free tickets, or accommodation quota. Typically, tickets are on sale in the final week of each month.

What are the guidelines of Covid-19 regarding TTD ticket booking?

Visitors must not have prior experience with Covid-19. When visiting the temple, it is required to wear masks, keep a strict eye on the social rules and wash your hands often with sanitizer. Visitors must bring a vaccine certification for 2 doses, or the Covid negative report that is issued in less than 48 hours.

Do we have the option of staying at Tirupati Devasthanam?

Yes, guests can book the rooms ahead of time. Up to two devotees can share one room. However, the passengers must possess the TTD Darshan card.