Gorewada Safari Nagpur, Maharashtra Timings, Entry Fee & Online Booking

Gorewada Zoo Nagpur, Maharashtra Timings, Entry Fee & Online Booking


Gorewada Safari/Zoo Park is positioned in Nagpur. With the help of consultants from abroad, the park is an crucial worldwide zoological park, or Zoo placed in India and is out there to the general public seeing that 1914. Acres. Gorewada Zoo is open to the general public from Gorewada Zoo Timings run among 08:00 AM and five:30 pm.


Gorewada Zoo Park

Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park "Indian Safari" in Maharashtra is at its top In full glory! Four levels of surprise and awe and wonder!

Additionally, it'll provide African safaris as well as night safaris and tribal trails soon, together with leopard safari, as well as sloth, and endure safaris. Herbivorous safari and the tiger. 

It created the Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada Zoo International Park an open region for residents and site visitors. The open enclosures have been created to seem like herbal habitats.

Jungle Drive at Gorewada Safari

The dry-deciduous woodland environment is home to amazing natural world and vegetation, which incorporates hills, crags, meadows, lakes, and rivers. There are lovely birds in the leopard, deer rabbits, blue bulls, peacocks, and corners.

The 18km-lengthy region is echoed The entire own family might be immersed in the desert for an hour and an hour and a half. The park is a vacation spot that has courses who individually proportion with you about the animals and history that has fashioned this Wild Park since British times It is a top notch revel in to go to the reserve!


Nature Tour

It's no longer all approximately the wooded area and the zoo, you may also discover natural gadgets with a view to closing for all time.

The Gorewada Bio Park is a nature trail that encircles the lovely water resources of Gorewada Lake, the lifeblood of Nagpur city, and is a super picnic vicinity in Nagpur.

The -and-a-half of-mile route may be very tranquil and pleasant. It's a trail you'll want to revisit!

Another treasure in the surroundings is Gorewada Lake Walking Track, that's home to a whole lot of famous species of flowers and fauna presenting you with natural clean air and the pure of peace on the lake's center The lake's center When the time continues to be in reality!

A 2d, nearby Gorewada Safari music leads passengers towards the Rescue Center that provides refuge for abandoned and injured animals. While it's a huge and huge residence, it isn't reachable to traffic' access, but it's miles viable to head there once in a while.

Just throughout the street, proper opposite the zoo, you visit. If you're a believer, belief, you may pray and attend worship inside the next room.

Yes, one time near the border wall of the center for rescue is the high-quality wasteland. It's regularly run via locals, but with plenty of freedom and peace.

Additionally, the authorities goes to the Bamboo Board Department in Maharashtra at Gorewada seeing that it is amongst the biggest zoos in India.

Gorewada International Zoological Park Visitor Instructions:

These are important suggestions for the ones journeying the Jungle Safari The following are the suggestions for visitors to the Jungle Safari: -

  • Masks for the face and shields are vital for any traveler to The Gorewada Zoo.

  • Every man or woman will be given a display screen of thermal radiation provided by means of an legitimate from the Zoo Authority on the zoo's principal access factor.

  • Children and older human beings are recommended to not visit the zoo because of this outbreak.

  • The admission rate is the quantity of Rs. 550 / -. The price of the price ticket is Rs. 2 hundred / - minus guide expenses and the quantity of Rs. 350/- will be the entrance rate for every vehicle.

  • If you buy internet tickets, the price per vehicle is Rs. 520 / -.

  • Zoo hours are from 6.00 AM until 10.00 AM, and between 2.30 midnight and six.00 pm.

  • One is most effective capable of follow for one automobile. If they have got bought multiple automobile, but, they might not be able to declare the cashback.

  • Also, book most effective one automobile to avoid any problems at the manner to your gate.


Ticket rate

Category / RatesWeekdayWeekend & Public HolidayAC Bus Premium (Offline)Rs. 240Rs. 320AC Bus Premium (Online)Rs. 245Rs. 330Non AC Canter Bus (Offline)Rs. 160Rs. 200Non AC Canter Bus (Online)Rs. 165Rs. 210

Entry fee

The rate of the entrance price tag might be Rs 550/(on this rate, Rs. 2 hundred per man or woman can be a guide price, even as rupees 350/may be the entrance price ticket for every vehicle.

Gorewada Zoo Timings

Following under are Gorewada Zoo timings:

DayGorewada Zoo TimingsMonday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) 8 AM - five:30 PM(Sept - Jan)Tuesday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) 8 AM - five:30 PM(Sept - Jan)Wednesday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) eight AM - 5:30 PM(Sept - Jan)Thursday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) eight AM - five:30 PM(Sept - Jan)Friday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) eight AM - 5:30 PM(Sept - Jan)Saturday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) eight AM - five:30 PM(Sept - Jan)Sunday8 AM - 6 PM (Feb - Aug) 8 AM - five:30 PM(Sept - Jan)

Online Ticket Booking of Gorewada Safari

  • To begin visit this web page. Maharashtra Eco Tourism Official Website.

  • It will direct you to the primary page and you'll see the alternatives.

  • to e-book your reservation on-line visit this web site.

  • You can spark off the tab. If you visit the page for booking safaris online You can be taken to a distinct page.

  • Now you can click on to click on the Book Now button.

  • Select Park or Zoo from the drop-down menu, wherein you need to purchase tickets.

  • Choose the date and time inside the drop-down menu placed at the equal web page.

  • Please specify the type of vehicle seating potential as well as the access price. Condominium or own automobile on the subsequent page.

  • The new edition permits traffic to offer non-public info like age and faith, identification numbers, and more.

  • Completely input your deal with, e mail cope with, and your cellphone number within the deal with container.

  • When you've entered your captcha quantity then click the Save and Pay button.

  • You can then pay with a credit or debit card, rupee credit score card Visa card, and so on.
  • Make a reproduction of your price tag once you've got paid.


Nagpur Gorewada Zoo Park Online Ticket Booking Status

Nagpur Gorewada Zoo Park Online Ticket Booking Status enables visitors to affirm whether their tickets are valid when they have bought them.

three months earlier for Gorewada Safari. You will be privy to the supply of safaris at the Zoo.

  • To verify the status of your price ticket visit the authentic web site of the ECO Tourism Portal.
  • Then, look for the hyperlink which says "Gorewada Zoo Ticket Booking Online Status" on the website's homepage.

  • Then, you write down the ticket quantity, an and then write your smartphone wide variety.
  • Submit Information.

  • The user could be able to receive the reputation in their account.


Address & Contact

Gorewada Zoo Park Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park,

Katol Rd, Bodhala,

Near Fetri,

Nagpur Maharashtra India

Phone: +ninety one 8806019640

Inquiry Time - 9 AM to 7 PM

 E-mail: [email protected] 


1. What is the price of admission for the gorewada Zoo?

The price of admission to the museum is Rs. 500 and the value is the equal of Rs. two hundred plus manual fees. The quantity of Rs. 350 /- will be the entry price for every automobile. If you buy at the net, your price per automobile will be Rs. 520.

2. Is gorewada Zoo The largest zoo?

As in line with the Commission, it is certainly one of India's biggest Zoo safaris in captivity, covering 1914 hectares of land surrounding Lake Gorewada.

3. What animals can be located in the Gorewada Zoo park?

This includes the wild canine, the lion, the chimpanzee, the leopard, and the colobus monkey. The hippopotamus, the purple river hog, and the spotted hyena. The bare mole-rat puff adder in addition to the vertebrate monkey. The barbary sheep, rock hyrax, the banded Mongoose the clip springer, and 26 others.

four. Gorewada Zoo reputable website?

Go right here to go to the reputable web page for the Gorewada safari.

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