Dugarwadi Waterfall Trimbak, Maharashtra Location, Things to Carry, and Instructions

Dugarwadi Waterfall Trimbak, Maharashtra Location, Things to Carry, and Instructions

Dugarwadi Waterfall location is located 30 kilometers away from Nashik, Trimbak. Dugarwadi Falls is one place that is flooded during the beginning monsoons. The stunning two-tier cascade astonishes visitors with its milky white waters that flow across the hill. Alongside the gorge and breathtaking white water, its breathtaking green surroundings create an idyllic getaway.


Dugarwadi Waterfall

Take a walk through the forest around Trimbak on the main road until you reach the waterfall. It's not easy, because landslides are very common but the gorgeous picturesque view along the roadside is worth the effort.

The way to the falls is breathtaking The falls are awe-inspiring, and nobody knows what's coming the next time. Make sure to pose against the falls and look for the threatened birds.

Additionally, tourists are less likely to be impacted by congestion in this area since they are not aware of the area. Tourists can drive to Sapgan via NH-848 to view Dugarwadi Falls. Dugarwadi Falls, which locates at a distance of four kilometers far from Trimbakeshwar. The parking area for the waterfall is approximately 4 km away from Sapgan.

When you arrive at the location you will need to find an area to park, and vehicles are parked near the road. A two-kilometer walk is needed to find the exact spot of the waterfall. Because there is no security or security at this remote location, we suggest visiting Dugarwadi as members of a group.

The best moment to go

Dugarwadi waterfall is a beautiful spot to visit, not just during monsoons, but at any time.

Things to consider

  • Certain food items like plum cake and fruits, chocolates, biscuits, etc. are prepared to consume.
  • Extra pair of clothing.
  • The right backpack for the entire contents (no handbags, duffel bags or pocket) Raikot, Poncho, etc.,
  • Proper trekking shoes/floater, sleeping. Identification card with photo.
  • Cap, camera, mobile phones, socks. (If required) All personal medications.
  • If possible, do not wear precious jewelry at the event.

Trek Highlights

  • Dugarwadi Falls is one of the highlights of the Trek.
  • Relax in the natural swimming pool created by the dugarwadi waterfall. dugarwadi waterfall.
  • Pure water.
  • Explore dense forests and rivers.


  • the Dugarwadi Falls Trek is open to people of all ages.
  • There is no toilet in the village of origin.
  • Take this activity as one that is outdoors Please prepare accordingly.
  • Please don't wear or carry valuables, jewelry, etc.
  • If they do the case, they are not responsible for the incident.


  1. Alcohol consumption and smoking are strictly forbidden.
  2. Please don't delay or cause inconvenience to others, and don't disrupt the schedule.
  3. Participants will be informed before the departure date if the trip changes or event is postponed due to any unexpected situations.
  4. Tourists must cover the entire cost of travel 45 days before departure.
  5. OSSAM reserves the right to change/deviate/cancel plans without prior notice.
  6. The diagnosis of a phone is required; if you are not able to reach them, you can send them an SMS message asking them to contact you.
  7. If you have any questions, go to the website.


Hotels close to Dugarwadi waterfall

  • Sanskruthi MTC Resort, 5.9 km from Dugarwadi falls
  • Green paradise, only 37 km away from Dugarwadi falls
  • Amboli Weekend home, 6.2 km from Dugarwadi in the fall.
  • HOTEL HIMALAYA INN, 6.4 km away from Dugarwadi waterFall
  • Meluha Villa by Vista Rooms, 4.1 km from Dugarwadi autumn.
  • Camp Hippi Hills by GetsetCamp. 24.2 kilometers from Dugarwadi the fall.
  • Little Cove Yoga Ayurved resort, 21.9 km from Dugarwadi Falls.
  • The Wild CMP, 16.8 miles far from Dugarwadi fall.
  • Wabi-Sabi Resort, 20.3 km from Dugarwadi waterfall
  • E&G Green Valley Spa Resort, 8.2 km from Dugarwadi fall.


Nearby attractions to visit

  1. Gorakh Cave:

Gorakh Cave, located next to the Ganga Devi Temple on Brahmagiri Hill is a must-visit within Trimbakeshwar. The temple is known for the location in which Guru Gorakhnath performed penance.

It is also well-known for the beautiful artwork that lines the walls. The pilgrims and devotees go to the cave and pay restitution for the wrongs they committed in their lives.

       2. Neil Parbat Trimbak:

Neil Parbat Trimbak located at the eastern end of Brahmagiri Hills is a popular tourist spot in Trimbakeshwar. The green hill was been blessed with stunning panoramas and stunning panoramic views from Trimbakeshwar Hill.

      3. Kushavarta Kund Trimbak:

Kushavarta Kund Trimbak is the birthplace of the Godavari River. Godavari in addition, Kushavarta Kund is a holy bathing spot close to Trimbakeshwar Temple. Trimbakeshwar Temple.

According to mythology, a holy bath in the Kushavarta Kund is a way to get rid of sin. Shrimant Rao Sahib parnekar erected concrete walkways near the edge of the water. It has six corners, which is the name of the place Tirtharaj.

     4. Ram Lakshmana Tirtha Trimbak:

Ram Lakshmana Tirtha Trimbak believes that the temple was built by Gopalrao Ghanekar in the year 1857, in which Rama and Lakshmana were performing shraddha (rituals to protect souls) of Lord Rama as well as their father Dasaratha. The temple was constructed at the same place to commemorate the event.

     5. Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple:

It is believed that the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is an integral part of the Nashik Maharashtra Pilgrimage. Kushavartha is a massive cistern located in Trimbakeshwar that symbolizes the rise of the Godavari and is believed by Hindus as a sacred spot to bathe.

Timings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dugarwadi Waterfall Location

Here is Dugarwadi waterfall.

Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, Maharashtra

How to get to Dugarwadi Falls

By Air:

Nashik Airport is the closest Airport that is located near Dugarwadi Falls.

By Train:

Igatpuri Railway station is the closest railway station to Dugarwadi in the fall.