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Chamunda Mataji Temple Rajkot, Gujarat Timings, History & Myths

Chamunda Mataji Temple Rajkot, Gujarat Timings, History & Myths

Chamunda Mata Temple Chotila is one of the Ancient Hindu temple towns and the capital of the Chotila Taluka located in the Surendranagar district, which is located near Rajkot in Gujarat, India. In India, the Chamunda Mataji Temple timings run from 5 AM until 7:45 midnight.

Chotila is a tiny town that has a population of 20,000. It is also the headquarters for the Surendranagar District Taluka in Gujarat.


Chamunda Mataji Temple

The Mataji temple is situated at the highest point of the mountain. In the other direction, the mountain is around 1250 feet tall. Many thousands of worshippers from across India come to Our Chamunda Temple in Chotila annually.

Chamunda Mata, also known as the goddess of numerous communities of Gujarat, and devotees travel to the temple to celebrate Maata Chamunda Darshan.

Navratri is a time to go to a temple as each that houses the Devi Shakti across India celebrates these nine days with the utmost commitment.


A brief overview of Chamunda Mata Temple

Other than Navratri many devotees come here on Sundays and holidays. In addition, during Karthika, the month that falls in Karthika hundreds of devotees gather here to bless the goddess Chamunda.

The Chamunda Mataji Temple Trust is involved in various activities like catering, guest rooms, and the management of festivals.

A devotee is also able to perform various rituals such as Chaul Kriya Navchandi Yagya or other Yagya as per their desires.

For the convenience of devotees, numerous private guest houses, hotels restaurants, hospices, and bojanalayas are in the location.


The late Javarchand and Meghani are among the world's most well-known poets, writers, poets journalists, and freedom fighters from Saurashtra who were born here.

The home that was the place where Jawarchand Meghani was born was declined until recently, however, there are now a few who have begun to save the house.

Priests are also not permitted to stay in the temple after the evening garden. The story could begin with a story about one man who was sleeping outside the temple late at night.

When he awoke in the morning and was able to see the top of the hill. We believe that there's a lion guarding us. Thus, we have the lion statue close to the temple of Chamunda.


Chotila was also known as Chhotigarh in the past. It was at first under the command of the Sodha Parmars, but it was taken over in the hands of The Khachar Kathis Jagsio Parmar who made it one of their primary places of operation.

A lot of Khachar Katis can trace their roots back to their home. Chotila was taken in 1566 by Katis around 1566 AD. Chotila was home to Thana the agency that was under British rule.

The legend goes that those monsters Chand and Mund took on Devi Mahakali and, in the fight that ensued, Devi cut their heads off before presenting them to Ambika the goddess of love, she had been worshipped as Chamunda Devi to Mahakali.

Chotila Temple idols are an auto-replica. Mata was once in a vision of his devoted devotee. He commanded his followers to dig a particular spot and reveal her statue.

While doing this, he discovered the idol of Chamunda Mata and built his temple at the exact spot. The temple today is located in the same spot and has a large hall and stairs that are carpeted to facilitate travel.

The two statues of Chamunda are finished in the following manner:

Kario Bhil is a devoted follower of maata. He promised the Chamunda Mataji Temple that he'd construct another shrine to Chamunda mata inside the temple whenever he was a parent.

After having children, he slacked off his passions and was consumed in his day-to-day routine. He even gave us maata a shawl to throw out into the air while we lay on his back.

The man rescued the gold and cash that the British took and transferred them to the needy. He had also been caught and sent to prison.


In the night in bed, he experienced dreams of maata, and maata brought him back to his promise. Kario Bhil is aware of his error and vows to make a new sculpture of us. However, Chamunda exhibited another idol of maa compassion and self. So, here are our two idols Chamunda.

Chamunda Mataji Temple Timings

The temple of Chamunda Mataji hours indicates that the temple will be open between 5 AM and 7:15 PM for those who wish to worship.


How is Aarti performed?

Aarti was performed in various ways at different ways in the Chotila temple. Don't chant any praises or words, or do anything else.

Aarti starts with incense and Dias (lamps). Aarti extends to the length of the dupattas. It also enlightens all those who surround god.

Morning Aarti Timing

6:00 AM Monday to Saturday

5:30 AM Sunday

4:00 AM 4:45 AM Purnima

Evening Aarti Timing

6:30 PM: At the time of Purnima


Prasad is open from 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM. 

The Total Steps

Chamunda (also known as Chotila Hills Chamunda Mataji Temple was situated at an elevation of 1173 feet. It is a climb of 620 steps that leads to the temple.

Ambani Brothers Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani have made the climb a little less difficult by putting shades and carpets along the steps.

After getting to Chamunda Shakti Peetha, you will be able to enjoy the views of the beautiful surroundings.


Temple Myths

The shrine of Chamundamata at the temple is a self-replica. According to legend, there is a myth that explains the origins of this temple.

The Goddess appeared to a worshipper in the form of a dream and informed him the goddess was hidden on some hill.

In the spot they had been given, there was an idol of the goddess at the site. There was also a Chamunda Mata Temple. Chamunda Mata Temple had later constructed on the spot.

Many thousands of worshippers from across India go to the Chamunda Mataji Temple in Chotila each year.

Chamunda Mata, the goddess of several communities of Gujarat and the state of Gujarat,  is why devotees come to this temple for Chamunda Darshan.

Each shrine in Maa Devi Shakti within India is a celebration of these nine days with complete devotion. Navratri is a very special occasion to visit the temple.

Other than Navratri the festival of Navratri, devotees flock to this temple every Sunday and during holidays. In addition in this month, Karthika thousands of devotees gather here to offer prayers to maat goddess Chamunda.

How do I get to Chotila Chamunda Mataji Temple?


Rajkot is located just 47 kilometers away from Chhotila Temple. It would be helpful to get dropped off at Rajkot Railway Station to reach any place by train. After that, get a cab or public transportation to get there.


The most popular way to get to the temple is via bus. GSRTC buses are readily accessible from the major cities of Gujarat. Chotila Bus Stand is just 700m from the shrine.


Rajkot Airport is the nearest airport to the Chotila Temple. Chotila is approximately 50 km away from the shrine. You can get off at the airport, and then hire taxis to get to the temple.

address and contact

Address: Chamunda Mataji Temple, Dungar Taleti, Chotila

Go here for the official temple website.

Email Id: [email protected]

Chamundamataji Temple - Chotila Contact Number: 085300 07000, 02751290354