Bhuleshwar Temple Pune, Maharashtra Timings, History & Architecture

Bhuleshwar Temple Pune, Maharashtra Timings, History & Architecture

Bhuleshwar Temple in Pune is rich in culture and exotic architecture is a sacred place that is which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is among many of the most revered temples located in Maharashtra. The Bhuleshwar temple hours are 5 am until 9 pm.

There is a Bhuleshwar temple is situated on one of the hills located in the tiny community of ' Yavat' in Maharashtra state situated 54 kilometers away from Pune. The calm and serene ambiance of the temple provides the worshippers a tranquil atmosphere to pray.


Bhuleshwar Temple

The stone-like sculptures of classical design on the temple's walls provide the temple an old-fashioned and historic feeling. People from across Maharashtra and surrounding areas go to the temple. Archaeologists and historians also visit the temple.

A large number of devotees who visit the temple confirm the legend of the five feet. When 5 pedha (a bowl) (sweet) is offered to the Shivalinga One peda vanishes. The Bhuleshwar Temple is considered to be a sacred spot where you can see the five Shivalingas. It also houses idols of Vishnu Lakshmidevi, Lakshmidevi, and Mahadeva.

There is also a Ganapati goddess dressed in female attire with various names such as GaneshwariLambodari, and Ganesha. It is suggested to carry important items such as food and water before heading to the temple, as the surrounding area is not commercialized.

Narayanabet is located 15 kilometers far from Bhuleshwar shrine in the area where birds gather in the summer. The temple has importance to mythology as it's believed to be the spot where Goddess Parvati danced in the presence of Lord Shiva before heading to Kailasa to marry.


The Bhuleshwar temple was famous for its stunning design and intricate carvings on the ceiling and walls. The design is reminiscent of the Indo-Aryan architectural style that was prevalent during The Yadava rule.

The style of architecture is widespread across this region of the Deccan Plateau and has been classified as a regional type as the 'Deccan Style'.

The temple's original structure had four distinct sections: the Nandi Mandapam, Sabha Mandapam, Antara, and Garbhigriha.

The architectural design of the temple is a unique lighting arrangement in the temple. It is a thrilling fighting game that is a lot of enjoyable.

The black basalt stone used for the construction of the temple gives an ambiance of calm within this temple even on hot summer days.

Bhuleshwar Temple Pune History

There are several opinions on the period of construction of the temple. Hindu mythology claims that it is the Pancha Pandavas who built it.

Historical evidence suggests it was the Bhuleshwar Temple was built during the time of Yadava rulers who controlled the Deccan Plateau in the early 13th century.

It is unclear if it was the Yadava rulers constructed the temple or renovated it under Yadava rule. The temple is situated in a fort known as Mangalgarh.

There is evidence that suggests the Mughal ruler's destroyed areas of the temple. Maratha Empire restored the temple in the 17th century.


Festivals Celebrated in Bhuleshwar Temple

In the celebration of Mahashivaratri, the people of Devesthanam will be decorated and will celebrate the festival with a ceremony of worship and rituals. In the temple, it will be crowded with crowds.

Even in Shravan, the temple draws thousands of people to celebrate during the Hindola festival.

Bhuleshwar Temple Timings

The Bhuleshwar temple hours are from 5 am until 9 midnight. The worship of Lord Shiva is performed during this time.

The best moment to go

The ideal moment to be there is between 6 noon and 4-8 in the evening.

In May and September, birds flock to the close Narayanabet Hill.

In July and August, the day trip for the Bhuleshwar Temple was completed by a stop at close by Narayanbet Hill for bird watching.


Accommodation in Bhuleshwar Temple Pune

  • Hotel Magnus Square, 39.8 km away from Temple.
  • OYO 19891 Vansha Exotica 30.9 km from Temple.
  • Hotel Regency is 31.3 miles from Temple.
  • Treebo Trip Punest Hotel, 33.8 kilometers from Temple.
  • Amanora The Fern Hotel, 35.3 km away from Temple.

How to get there

  • The faithful can go to Bhuleshwar Temple by taking the Pune-Solapur highway, which is just 10 kilometers away from the Yavat village in the detour.
  • Tourists typically take private vehicles or cabs along the highways to get to their destination.
  • regular buses are running from Pune up to Swargate Bus station. The temple can be seen from a distance since it was built on the top of a hill.

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