Bhalka Tirth Temple Somnath, Gujarat Timings, Story, and Significance

Bhalka Tirth Temple Somnath, Gujarat Timings, Story, and Significance

Bhalka Tirtha Temple, sometimes known as the "Bhalka Pilgrimage It is a very popular Hindu temple in the town of Somnath close to Veraval in the Arabian Sea. Veraval is among the most sought-after tourist destinations by visitors from all across the globe. Veraval is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Bhalka Tirtha Temple timings are from 06:00 am to 09:00 pm.



Bhalka Tirtha Temple

It's just a few kilometers further away than Somnath. Bhalka Tirtha and Somnath Temple are two of Somnath's most popular tourist destinations. In the temple's sanctum, sacredorum is a blue statue of Lord Krishna sitting in a contemplative posture.

Background Story

A hunter prepares to shoot an arrow toward Zara Krishna. According to Mahabharata 100 of Gandhari's sons lost their lives at the time of the war of Kurukshetra. On the night before Duryodhana's demise, Krishna visited Gandhari and offered him a hug and reassurance.

Gandhari was convinced that Krishna did not know how to end the war. In grief and anger, Gandhari cursed Krishna as well as everyone else in the Yadu clan. He feared that Krishna would die after 36 years.


Krishna believed that the Yadavas were becoming very arrogant (unrighteous) and would like to see this happen therefore Gandhari finished his speech with "Thatastu" (very well).

Three years after, another war began between the Yadavs. They killed one another. Krishna's older brother Balarama quit his body by practicing yoga. Krishna went to the forest to meditate in the shade of a tree.

It is believed that the Mahabharata also tells the tale of a hunter who was the means through that Krishna quit the world. The hunter Zara mistakenly interpreted Krishna's left leg for the deer's, and fired an arrow, killing the deer.

After recognizing the error and continuing to bleed, Krishna was able to tell Zara, "O Zara, I murdered you as a descendant of yours I had killed you at the time of Ramu during the 3rd age. You have a chance to redeem yourself, along with all that work of the world is happening.

It took place as I had hoped and I don't need to be worried about it. "Then Krishna, with his physical body returned to his final home, Goloka Vrindavana. This event marked Krishna's departure from this world. It was believed that the current Dhaka.

According to mythological accounts, the demise of Krishna signifies the end of the Dvapara period and the onset of Kaliyuga which goes to the 17th of February 3102 BCE.


A Different Story from Bhalka Tirtha Temple

According to the ancient scriptures in the Ramayana, Lord Rama, i.e. in his previous Ramavataram (incarnations) is believed to have granted an opportunity to an Ape King Vali (Hindu mythology) who then hid him and killed him without combating his enemies.

The hunter's actions during the Krishna Incarnation (incarnations) are likely to be related to the arrival of Rama This implies that Krishna is still in his previous incarnation. We believed that Krishna left his footprints. It is a common visit for those who go to Somnath.

Religious Significance

It is believed that the Bhalka Tirtha Temple is also called Mahaprabhuji Betak. It describes the numerous victory of Lord Krishna. It also outlines the evangelization of the well-known Hindu epic Gita. It was the temple that had planted a tree within the temple in honor of Lord Krishna.

In addition to an idol dedicated to Lord Krishna People also are worshippers of the Pippala tree. The temple hosts a variety of ceremonies of religion such as Aarti, Bhog, and Prarthana each day.

Near adjacent to Bhalka Tirtha Temple is a tiny cave known as Baldev Cave. It was believed that Lord Krishna's older Brother, i.e. Baldev disappeared from the cave. In the past, he was thought to be the symbol of Seshanag Baldev, he ascended into the universe.

According to certain Hindu rituals according to some Hindu rituals, Lord Krishna buried his body inside the Balka Tirtha Temple. Legend says that the moon made this Bhalka Tirtha temple with gold.

Many devotees go to the Balka Tirtha throughout the year to ask for the blessings of Lord Krishna. Many well-known Hindu celebrations are held and celebrated in the temple. The most famous of these are Janmashtami, Holi, and Rath Yatra.


Bhalka Tirtha Temple Timings

Here is these the Bhalka Tirtha time of the temple:

Day Bhalka Tirtha Temple Timings
Sunday 6 8 AM to 9 8 PM
Monday 6 AM until 9 midnight
Tuesday 6 AM until 9 8 PM
Wednesday 6 9 AM to 6 8 PM
Thursday 6 AM until 9 8 PM
Friday 6 8 AM to 9 8 PM
Saturday 6 9 AM to 6 8 PM

Food and Accommodation

Tourists who are looking through the city looking seeking a good four-star hotel, you can check out the Hotel Imperial Wood in Prabhas Patan near Veraval. It is a well-managed establishment that serves traditional South Indian cuisine.

Tourists can indulge their taste buds with an exquisite thali dinner in a restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines.

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Nearby Areas to Visit

Other than The Bhalka Tirtha Temple, there are many other appealing tourist attractions near the temple. While traveling to Somnath it is possible to select Chorwad Beach as your destination for a stopover. It is a beautiful beach town, located just thirty-seven kilometers from Somnath. It is perfect for those who wish to escape the bustle and noise of urban life.

Visitors aren't allowed to swim, however, they can enjoy recreational activities like boating and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the rugged mountains.

People who wish to take glimpses into the past of the city can visit Chorwad Palace, the Summer Palace of the Nawabs from Junagadh.

Veraval is the second most popular tourist spot close to Somnath. It's a great location for those who love history to experience the magnificent splendor of a secured port city. The city is still in its past splendor.

The best time to be there

The ideal time to be at Balka Tirtha and Somnath Temple is in the middle of the winter season, as weather conditions are favorable to explore this area. Bhalka temples have been used as a place of worship since the beginning of time.

Crowds of people flock to this site due to its reverence and enticing appeal. It's a must-see spot in one of the "must-see temples in India during a trip.

How do I get there?

On the Road

The city was at an approximate distance of 82 kilometers from Junagadh and 270 km away from Bhavnagar and 120 kilometers from Porbandar. The capital in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, is only 400 kilometers from Somnath.

by Train

Somnath is the closest railway station and is which is well-connected to Gujarat as well as other cities across India.

by Air

Porbandar Airport is 120 km, and Rajkot Airport is 200 km.


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