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Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar, Gujarat Timings Admission Tickets, and Water Show

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar, Gujarat Timings Admission Tickets, and Water Show

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar is among the most revered sites for religious worship within Gujarat and is dedicated to Swaminarayan. It is an example of the latest technology and embodies traditional stonework, old-fashioned knowledge, and Indian culture. Akshardham Temple hours are Tuesday to Sunday between 9 am to 7:30 pm. Mondays are closed.


Akshardham Temple

It is a stunning temple located in the middle of Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and is and was inspired by HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

The Akshardham Shrine is a marvel that was created through the efforts of thousands of volunteers and artists. It is the site of nearly two million people each year. A lot of people who visit Gujarat regularly visit this renowned spot for religious worship.

When you go to this temple, you'll not just be a pilgrim, but be an artist who discovers sculptures from inside.

What's the story of Akshardham Temple?

The world-renowned Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple had established on the 2nd of November, 1992. The responsibility for the foundations of the temple is due to the Akshar-Purushottam Swaminarayan Society (BAPS) from Bochasanvasi.

Akshardham Temple is an example that human beings are prepared. The devotees believe that only one person can determine his own destiny and grow wise in the real sense.

They utilized this belief, music, literature, and the latest technology to expand the scope of architecture by focusing on it with enthusiasm. The beauty of the shrine is the way it transforms the human being.

The monument is a symbol of the immense human effort put into its building of it. Another reason is the fact that the leader has many followers through his lessons.

The famed Swami Maharaj built the Akshardham temple as a memorial and a unique combination of selfless devotion to the disciples and Guru, which attracted people from across the globe. The building of the amazing Akshardham temple is an important historical moment in the development of India.


Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar Significance

The ceremony for the inauguration at the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple took place at the same time The Yogiji Maharaj Centenary celebrations.

It was governed by the revered Swami Maharaj. The Akshardham Temple located in Gandhinagar is an impressive structure fashioned from more than 6000 tons of pink sandstone decorated with sacred silence.

The whole structure was built without steel to ensure the best endurance of the structure.

There is a 7-foot golden leaf statue of Swaminarayan as well as his religious Relics. Three performances feature music and light shows that focus on Indian culture.

Its Akshardham temple is about 108 feet tall it is 240 feet long, 240 feet wide and the width is 131 feet. The driveway surrounding the monument is 1751 feet (534 meters) long. The temple's beauty was constructed through 13 years of labor.

Additionally, skilled craftsmen from Bansipahadpur created the holy shrine. The main attraction of the shrine is its research center, which is known as "the Akshardham Center for Research on Social Harmony (AARSH).

The center aims to draw on information from the past to concentrate on the present model and provide a variety of thought-provoking solutions to the challenges of the future.


Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. Mondays are closed.

Lighting shows at night were performed on Sundays and Saturdays. The show starts at 10 AM and concludes at 6:45 PM.

Timings for Meal Timings

Visitors are not permitted to bring food into the temple's premises. Premawati Food and refreshments in Sahajanand Van offer tourists fresh vegetarian meals and snacks.

Tourists can relish the distinct flavor of traditional Gujarati cuisine, and book reservations for meals in advance. Restaurant hours are from 10 am until 8 pm.


Festivals were held in Akshardham Temple. Akshardham Temple.

It was observed in the days following Diwali and Annakoot that signifies that we offer to our Lord food in huge amounts of salads, fruits, juices, pulses, and more. A total of 2550 food items had been presented to the god. The food was then given to the pilgrims.

Exhibitions Tickets

  • Adults (Age 11plus) Age 11+: ₹ 60
  • Children (Ages 3-11) Children (Age 3 to 11):  ₹ 40
  • Kids (Below age 3) Children (Below Age 3): Free
  • Tickets for exhibitions include all five shows, which include Mystic India, Neelkanth And Sahajanand, Premanand, and Sant Param Hitkari.
  • Tickets to the special exhibit are not sold.


10:45 AM to 6:15 night.

Ticket counters close at 6:45 at night.

Time to Check:

  1. Neelkanth as well as Sahajanand Darshan Hall of Worth 45 minutes.
  2. Mystic India 45 minutes.
  3. Premanand Hall 30 minutes.
  4. Sant Param Hitkari: 15 minutes.


  • Entry to exhibitions on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Expect long wait times during busy days.
  • There are no food or drink items allowed inside the exhibition halls.
  • Bathrooms were situated at the end of the exhibition hall 5.

Water performance on Akshardham Temple

The Water Show Tickets & Timings


Adults (Age 11or more): Rs 100

Children (Ages 3 - 11): Rs 70

Children (Below 3 Years of Age): Free

Timings The first show begins at sunset. Many shows can be scheduled on weekends or during public holidays. (Currently 7:30 PM)

Time to see: 45 minutes


  • Sat-Chit-Anand is a show that takes place outdoors and is susceptible to being canceled due to stormy weather.
  • The people who sit in the front row could be soaked in stormy conditions.
  • Show the language: Hindi.
  • For inquiries, contact us at.

Where To Stay?

Gujarat will welcome people from different religions and cultures with the same warmth and affection. Whatever your budget, you will be sure to find an appropriate room that is equal to luxury and comfort in Gujarat.

Travelers who are not alone can select dorms, and those who wish to visit the holy shrine can look for accommodation.

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How do I get to Akshardham Temple?

Through Air

If you wish to travel via air the nearest airport for getting to the temple is Ahmedabad. It is well connected with all major cities in India. It is necessary to get a taxi from Ahmedabad airport to get to the temple.

by Train

The devotee is also able to reach the temple by train. The sacred place of worship is situated 2 km from Gandhinagar Railway Station and 31 kilometers far from Ahmedabad Railway Station.

by Road

Akshardham is located on National Highway 8c, which is located in Gandhinagar one of the cities with the highest green levels around the globe.

So, Akshardham is easily accessible from any place, including 25 kilometers from Ahmedabad 150 kilometers from Vadodara 230 kilometers from Udaipur, 190 kilometers away from Mount Abu, and 604 km from Jaipur.

The Department of Tourism offers many specialized vehicles and buses as well as government officials and private services.

Akshardham Temple Address

Swaminarayan Akshardham

Sector 20 'J' Road, Gandhinagar: 382 020 Gujarat, India

Phone: 9998999700, 9998999800, 9998993701, 9998993702

Email: [email protected]  

Site: check here