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Navlakha Temple Ghumli, Gujarat Timings, History & Current Status

Navlakha Temple Ghumli, Gujarat Timings, History & Current Status

Ghumli is home to the Navlakha Temple, now in ruins. Navlakha Mandir was given its name because it cost nine lakh rupees to build. The Navlakha temple Timings are between 07:30 AM and 09:15 PM.


Navlakha Temple

Many temple ruins dating back to the Solanki period can be found at Ghumli. The shrine to Lord Ganesha is located adjacent to the main temple. It was built in the 10th Century AD. Locals worship this deity every day.

Gujarat, which is not well known to most people, is the oldest area of human settlement in the world. This proves the existence of Dholavira and other archaeological sites. It is therefore right to state that Gujarat is the ideal destination for history enthusiasts.

There are thousands of historical sites within the borders, including castles, tombs, temples, palaces, and even temples. One such site is Navlakha Mandir, Ghumli. Here you can get detailed information about Gujarat's history.


It is the oldest temple in the state. Learn more about the temple's history and beautiful architecture to learn how to get to it.

Navlakha Temple History and Architecture

In the 12th century, the Jetwa rulers constructed the Navlakha Temple. The temple's design has a significant influence on the Solanki style architecture and Maru-Gurjara Architectural style.

The temple's trademark is the three elephant ivory tusks. It has a large foundation, which was beautifully carved. It faces east. It has an impressive entrance arch that has since fallen.

The sanctum sanctorum at Navlakha Temple, its covered path, huge hall, and three erotic chandeliers, are all captivating. The pavilion is supported by eight pillars. The niche contains a variety of pictures.

The temple wall is adorned with a picture of two elephants fighting each other using their tusks. There are also idols of Brahma, Savitri, and Shiva-Parvati. The outer walls are carved with figures from Shaiva mythology.

A stairwell is located near the Navlakha Temple called 'Vikai Vaav or 'Jeta Vaav. The largest stairwell in Kathiawar is 'Vikai Vaav. Vikai (or Vikia Vaav) was built by Vikiaji, the Jetwa ruler.

Vaav was named after him. It was considered to be one of the largest and oldest stairways. There are many steps in the well. In three locations, the entrance pavilions are still intact.

Why should you visit Navlakha Temple?

Those who love history and all its wonders will enjoy Navlakha Temple. You can explore the Jetwa Dynasty's past, as well as the amazing architecture of Gujarat during the medieval period.

It was surrounded by lush vegetation, which gave off a tranquil aroma. If you are looking for a peaceful escape from city life, then this is the place to go.



Navlakha Temple Current Status

The Archaeological Survey of India was tasked with the restoration and development of this important monument of tourism.

Best Time To Visit

During summer, people can take advantage of the hot and humid climate in the Navlakha Mandir. It is best to visit it between October and February. You can enjoy its beauty and tranquility at this time.

Navlakha Temple Timings

Here are the Navlakha temple times:

Day Navlakha Temple Timings
Thursday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM
Friday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM
Saturday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM
Sunday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM
Monday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM
Tuesday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM
Wednesday From 07:30 AM to 0:15 PM


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  • Hotel Ambar, 15.77 km from Temple
  • Gir Jungle Lodge, 22.37 km from Temple
  • Hotel Harmony, 33.99 km from Temple
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How do I reach Ghumli?

By Air :

Ghumli's nearest airport is Porbandar (45 km). You can either take a cab or use public transport to get to Ghumli once you have reached the airport.


Porbandar was well connected by rail to all other towns and cities. You must take the direct train from Porbandar Railway Station to Ghumli. There you can rent a bus or a taxi.

By Road:

You can reach the Ghumli area via road because it has excellent road connectivity.


Navlakha Temple

Ghumli, Gujarat 360510