Kumari Amman Temple Kanyakumari Timings and History Address

 Kumari Amman Temple Kanyakumari Timings and History Address

Kumari Amman Temple is 3 thousand years old and is devoted to the goddess Kanyakumari. The goddess is a virgin who guards her devotees. It is assumed that the Kanyakumari time of the Kumari Amman temple starts offevolved from 04:30 am until 8:forty five pm.

Kumari Amman Temple

The word "Devi" also referred to as "Bhagwati" is a connection with "Durga" or "Parvati" The devotees also worship the god Bhadrakali. The temple is located near the coast of Kanyakumari positioned in Tamil Nadu.

According to popular ideals, the gods remove the tension of our minds. People who pray to the deity experience feelings of their minds as they pray for God thru meditative and devotional practices.



According to the history of the time in keeping with the scriptures, the worship of Goddesses dates lower back to the Vedic period, and Ekeshwaropasana is from that of the Advaita period. Kanyakumari Devi may be discovered in Ramayana in addition to the Mahabharata as well as The Sangam Manimekalai.

Kanyakumari Devi's personal story is that at one time Banusura The demon king received manipulate over gods, and significantly punished the gods.

A god carried out Yajna to remove the bugs and punish them.

So Devi Parasakti arrived at Kumari as an unmarried woman and commenced penance. In the interim, God Shiva have become infatuated with her, and she organized an engagement on a specific date in the dead of night.

Now Narada realizes that he's ruining the hazard of killing Banusura since most effective virgins may be killed with the aid of him. When Lord Shiva changed into heading towards Kanyakumari, Maharshi Narada, disguised as a chook was screaming and lying in the early morning hours. In the belief that the marriage was finished, Lord Shiva was furious and walked away.

Following that, Devi additionally determined to emerge as the primary female to be. When Banasura attempted to make God be successful, Devi defeated him together with her chakra. She also ended the suffering of the gods. After that, she continued her penance and persevered to be single.

Significance of Kanyakumari Kumari Amman Temple:

What is sizeable approximately Kumari Amman Temple is that it is one among 51 Shakti Peethas that's the divine domestic for Shakti Devi. One certainly one of The One hundred as well as Eight "Durga temples" This Temple is devoted goddess Durga.

Based on Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Swami Vivekananda was a traveller to this temple in December 1892. Kanyakumari Devi's nose jewelry have been created with rubies. They're very visible and brilliant from a protracted distance at the night time.

A file said certain ships crusing within the ocean mistook the sparkling rubble because the lighthouse's light and hit nearby rocks. This is why the gate that turned into placed on the east part of the Kumari Amman temple turned into closed.

The east temple gate opens at the 7th of the month, Karkidakam (Capricorn together with Karkatakam) at some point of Navratri in addition to on New Moon days all through the month of Scorpio. Explore the hall around the outer and traverse the Navratri mandapam and the pathway ends in the second road around the temple.

Several different shrines on this temple are also dedicated to Sun God, Ganesh, Ayyappa Swamy Goddess Balasundari, and Goddess Vijaya Sundari.

The Kala Bhairava Mandir and the wholesome "Patala Ganga Tirtha" offer water to Goddess Devi's Abhishekam of the Goddess inside the entryway. Then came a Dwajasthamba (flagpole).

The temple is now and again packed, and you may want to wait in line to peer the goddess's image.

Kumari Amman Temple Timings:

These Are the Kanyakumari Kumari Amman Temple Timings:

DayKumari Amman Temple TimingsMonday04:30 am - 12:30 pm & four:00 pm - eight:00 pmTuesday04:30 am - 12:30 pm & four:00 pm - 8:00 pmWednesday04:30 am - 12:30 pm & four:00 pm - 8:00 pmThursday04:30 am - 12:30 pm & 4:00 pm - 8:00 pmFriday4:30 am - 12:30 pm & four:00 pm - eight:00 pmSaturday04:30 am - 12:30 pm &4:00 pm - eight:00 pmSunday04:30 am - 12:30 pm & 4:00 pm - eight:00 pm


A few of the fairs held by means of the Kumari Amman Temple:

  • Chaitri Purnima is widely known at the day of the entire moon in May.
  • Navratri is widely known from September to October. On the tenth Day of the Navratri pageant, at the 10th day of Vijaya Dasami devotees have a look at the bloodbath at Banasura.
  • Vaishakha Festival is a 10-day party at some point of the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May-June). People who're dedicated to the festival stroll thru the city in a procession throughout the morning and in the nighttime, sporting the Goddess's picture.
  • Kalabha Festival is celebrated within the Tamil month of Adi (Karkidakam) among July and August. The priest protects the idol by using protecting it and placing sandals on it on the final Friday in the Tamil month (Sunday ).

The first-rate time to go to

The months of October thru February had been the great to consider while October to February because the weather changed into moderate and fun. While the seashore is incredibly humid, it's the proper time to experience an array of water sports activities consisting of sightseeing, excursions and sightseeing, and seashores and soak up beautiful sundown perspectives. As winter starts to arrive throughout November Kanyakumari holds quite a few festivals at some stage in this month, including Cape Festival. Cape Festival.

How can I get there?

Here's how you can connect to Kumar Amman Temple:

By Road:

The temple is on the market to site visitors through car-rickshaws or taxis. City buses are often available.

The temple is situated 1 km away from the Kanyakumari bus prevent. Kanyakumari bus station.

By Train:

The temple is situated within a distance of one km from the station.

By Air:

The temple became linked with Chennai, Madurai, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Nearby places

Some Temples Near Kumari Amman Temple:

  • After you've got visited the temple, make sure you go to Olakaruvi Falls. Its stunning splendor and the encompassing vicinity are stunning to see.
  • Lord Subramanya Temple The Lord Subramanya Temple has located 34 km from Kanyakumari and was devoted to Lord Murugan, who is the God who is the God of War and Victory.
  • Tanumayan Temple is any other temple that is famous for its architectural beauty. It become built in the seventeenth century. Hindu temple in The city of Suchindram placed in Kanyakumari.
  • Also, it's far referred to as The Suchindram Temple and the Sthanumalayan Temple.
  • Other places in Kanyakumari

1. Thirparappu Falls

2. Kanyakumari Beach

three. Thanumalayan Temple - Sthanumalayan Kovil

4. Thiruvalluvar Statue

5. Padmanabhapuram

6. Vattakottai Fort

7. Courtallam Falls

8. Wax Museum

9. Sanguthurai Beach

Where do I be?

Some hotels near Kumari Amman Temple: Kumari Amman Temple:

  • Sangam Hotel Sangam is located at Beach Road, supplying guests an unwinding revel in far from the hustle and bustle.
  • Singaar International Hotel on Main Road in Kanyakumari is famend due to its various restaurant and snug rooms.
  • Hotel Shivas Residency situated one kilometer from Kanyakumari Railway Station, is the precise vicinity to unwind.

Address & Contact

Kanyakumari Kumari Amman Temple Address:

Sannathy Street,


Tamil Nadu, 629702, India

Contact: +914652246223