Jalaram Bapa Mandir Virpur (Gujarat) Timings, Significance & Festivals

 Jalaram Bapa Mandir Virpur (Gujarat) Timings, Significance & Festivals

Jalaram Bapa Mandar is a well-known temple in Virpur (Gujarat). This is the house of Sri Jalaram Bhapa, a revered monk. The Jalaram Baapa Mandir hours are 7 AM to 8:30 P.M.

Jalaram Bapa Mandir

Jalaram Bapa Temple became built at the Dharmaj–Tarapur toll road in 1978. The Sri Jalaram Bapa Mandir, the sacred shrine, houses the unique domestic wherein the great saint lived in his lifetime.

Jalaram Bapa is associated with many gadgets, which include the deities Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Rama. Many activities occurred for the duration of the lifestyles of this saint, and many people traveled from all walks of the globe to visit this holy spot.



It is the only temple that doesn't receive cash. Jalaram Bapa named Jamnaben, Jamnaben’s granddaughter, Harirambahi, his direct heir. This shrine is now underneath the manipulate of Giridhar Bapa, and Jaisukhram Bapa, his son.

Sri Jalarambapa's 'Samadhi" is now at Lord Sri Ramachandra's ft. It turned into determined on the left side of the Big Gate of 'Dela'.

The "Jolidanda" were nicely preserved in a obvious cabinet, and an idol representing Sri Hanuman changed into also stored close to the samadhi. Two trusts feature each day on the temple.

The 'Jalaram Satsang Seva Mandal' is accountable for all factors of temple control, such as the visitor residence, shrine, and gaushala.

The 'Sri Jalaram Janaseva Trust,' on the other hand, offers training, fitness care, and rehabilitation in addition to water plant services.

Both trusts are headed by Shri Rasikbhai Vijay V. Patel. Three large copper vessels containing holy water from the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati Rivers are housed inside the temple, which changed into proficient by Goddess Ganga.

These pots are water-secure and by no means boil. King Drangdhra additionally presented Sri Jalaram Bhapa with two huge wheels to grind wheat in the temple.

History of Jalaram Bapa Mandir

Jalaram Pradhan Thakkar, additionally known as Jalaram Bapa, was born to Pradhan Thakkar, his father, and Rajbai Thakkar, at Virpur, Gujarat, on 14th November 1799.

His mom changed into keen on sadhus and sadhus. Rajbai's hospitality turned into a ought to for any sadhu who left Virpur.

Rajbai Thakkar become Bapa's mother. Raghuveeradasji told her that her son would be a distinguished preacher approximately the importance and piety of precise deeds.

Bapa became a non secular lady and learned endurance, self-sacrifice, duty, kindness, and admire from her mom. Bapa, when he changed into a touch boy, became visited by means of a saint. Little Jalaram have become spiritually stimulated, began reciting the rhymes from 'Sita Ram', and devoted his entire existence to God.

Bapa's Wedding

Jalaram, then sixteen years old, married Virbhai, a daughter of Thakkar Pragji. His wife supported him in his efforts to assist the negative, despite the fact that he turned into reluctant. He spark off on a holy pilgrimage at age 18 along with his wife and acquired Bhojalarama.

Bapa Guru based 'Sadavrat,' which provides meals for all of the negative. They labored difficult to develop the grains, and Veerbhai turned into extremely joyful to promote her wedding rings to assist feed the pilgrims.

Haraji, a tailor who suffered from excessive belly pains, subsequently got here to Bapaiya. The exceptional saint prayed for him and healed his illness. Surprised, the tailor fell at Bapa’s ft and addressed him as "Bapa".

This is when he was called Jalaram Bhapa. His disciples were all devotees of any faith. Jalaram Bapa become greeted by way of Rama within the conceal of an older guy. He changed into sad approximately his age and requested for a person to take care of him.

Bapa sent his wife who fortuitously followed him on his journey. They attain a river and the older man gives Virbhai a stick, and a bag for him to seize.

Soon Rama vanishes and a voice returns home claiming that Jalaram wants him to prove his goodness so he ought to bring his wife. The bag and stick can still be visible in Jalarambapa Ashram, Virpur.

Baba's food might be taken to the gates of heaven by using devotees. This temple serves loose food to thousands of people each day.


Festivals had been held at Jalaram Bapa Mandir, Virpur.

Jalaram Jayanti:

This temple turned into the website online of the maximum important competition. This competition is celebrated through Pilgrims on Shukla Paksha (the seventh day of the Hindu month Kartika). This festival changed into celebrated at the seventh of Diwali. This occasion saw the company of a large fair.

Makar Sankranti

This temple become host to some other massive festival every year on the 14th of January. This temple is visited by pilgrims each yr to mark the dying anniversary of Sri Jalaram Bhapa's demise on 23 February 1881.

Other fairs along with Rama Navami and Hanuman Jayanti and Janmashtami and Diwali are also celebrated right here with extraordinary pomp.

Jalaram Bapa Mandir Timings

Here are the Jalaram Bapa Mandal timings

Jalaram Bapa Mandir TimingsFromToMorning Darshan7:00 AM12:00 PMNoon Temple Closing12:00 PM4:00 PMEvening Darshan4:00 PM8:30 PMTemple Closing Night8:30 PM7:00 AM

Nearby Temples

Tourists can go to some different places than the Jalaram Bapa Mandal. These are:

Virpara Nath Mandir

Tourists who visit Jalaram Baba are expected to additionally go to this shrine. The temple premises are the area in which saints sing hymns at night.

Jalaram Bapa Samadhi

It is a sacred vicinity of worship, as devotees visit it to pay homage to Jalaram Bapa. He became buried right here after Bapa's passing.

Jetha Bapa Samadhi

Another famous shrine is located close to Jalaram Bapa Mandir. Many pilgrims visit the Samadhi to seek benefits from Jeta Baapa.

Virbhai Ma Mandir at Triveni Sangam

It is a temple dedicated to Virbhai that celebrates the sacrifices and commitments of Virbhai.

Khodiar Mandir at Mavatar Old Age Shram

The temple is positioned in Mavatar Old age Shram and is respected by using the locals. Gala Vada Hanuman - This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and worships Lord Rama.

How do you attain Jalaram Bapa Mandir

By Air

Rajkot is the closest airport that connects Virpur to all essential Indian cities. There are numerous direct flights to be had. Pilgrims can also take an car-rickshaw to the shrine from the airport.

By Rail

Rajkot Junction changed into well linked to various cities in Gujarat and India.

It is located about 6 km from Thein Batti Triple Gateway. This junction is at the Ahmedabad–Hapa broad gauge railway line of the Western Railway. This station is home to several explicit trains.

By Road

It stocks a super shipping device with all its neighboring states. Many country buses run from Rajkot to unique components of Gujarat. ST bus prevent is positioned 2 km west of Biddy Gate, on the alternative facet of Ranmal Lake.


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