History of Bhimakali Temple in Shimla Timings

 History of Bhimakali Temple in Shimla

Bhimakali Temple is a number of the most famous ancient and spiritual temples of Shimla. We all recognize that Shimla is the home of Temples and this is the various temples. It is a temple with a wealthy background and is built in a beautiful style. The temple is located within Sarahan Village of Himachal Pradesh. Timings are 6:00 AM - five:30 PM.

Bhimakali temple Overview:

Bhimakali Temple is the spot you have to visit when touring thru Himachal Pradesh. This temple become built in honor of Goddess Bhimakali goddess, and she fulfills the wishes of her followers. A lot of humans visit this temple to examine the beauty of nature and structure. The temple is more than an 800-yr-old shape that is awesome from other temples.

The temple additionally has a Tibetan-stimulated architectural style. It is a renowned sacred website for Buddhists in addition to Hindus. The god of the temple is the maximum vital god that is worshipped by means of Bushahu. Bushahu ruling the area. The temple was built in 1927 and has seen many modifications and is situated one hundred eighty km far from Shimla. The temple is a extremely good panoramic view of the metropolis and a backdrop that you can take in when you go to.

History of Bhimakali Temple:

There are severa legends and memories about the Bhimakali temple. Bhimakali temple. According to Puranas, the legends say that Banasur the grandson of Prahlad and the son of King Bali changed into the ruler of this place. He was a renowned Lord Kirshna dedicated. When he changed into worried in a warfare with Lord Krishna and Banasura King Bali handed away and Pradhymun one of the sons of Krishna changed into in fee of the area. The temple was named Bhimakali.

Another version of the story states that when Sati devi's self-sacrifice to her dad, Prajapati Yanga, Lord Vishnu cut her frame with the Vishnu Chakra. The body was scattered across numerous elements after which fell to the floor, which is now referred to as Shaktipeeths. It is a number of the Shaktipeeths due to the fact her ear was buried right here.


Bhimakali temple's architecture is over extra than 800 years vintage and is specific This style of structure is not present in other temples of Himachal Pradesh. This distinct fashion can not be replicated, and is prevalent this is common to all in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is a combination that mixes Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It is likewise referred to as Towe temple due to the fact that it's far situated at the top hill station. The most important temple complicated includes numerous temples, together with guest homes, and dual towers.

The entire temple is constructed out of wooden. The complex is made from four gateways, which function entrances. Gate one is constructed of gold and functions numerous carvings. Another gate is made of silver and the third gate is the entrance to Raghunath temple. Shri Dewar is the name of the main gate. The wooden chimneys are some of the specific and lovely factors of the temple.

Bhimakali Temple Timings:

Here are Bhimakali Temple Timings:

DayTimingsMonday6:00 AM - five:30 PMTuesday6:00 AM - five:30 PMWednesday6:00 AM - five:30 PMThursday6:00 AM - 5:30 PMFriday6:00 AM - 5:30 PMSaturday6:00 AM - 5:30 PMSunday6:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Aarti timings:

In Bhimakali Temple There are Aartis.

  • 1st aarti: 6:00 AM ( Summer)
  • 7:30 AM ( Winter)
  • second Aarti: 2 hours following the first Aarti.
  • 3rd aarti: At noon.
  • 4th aarti: After ultimate the temples by means of chanting shlokas.

The exceptional moment to move:

The Bhimakali temple is constantly crowded. The temple is visited by site visitors all year spherical. The fine time to go to may be from March to November. It is a fun time, and there are numerous festivals celebrated in this area. The Goddess is gorgeously decorated in the Navarti days.

The climate is favorable, and the temperature degrees from 20 to twenty-five stages during the summer time. You can visit the town during the iciness and summer season months.

Other places to go:

Alongside Bhimakali temples, it is viable to can visit different visitor sites near the temple. Here's a listing of extra places you could consist of in your itinerary.

  • Sarhan Bird Park is simply 2km from the temple and is simply 10 mins far from the temple.
  • Bhaba Valley is a terrifi valley placed 22 km distant from Bhaba Temple.
  • Bushahr Palace is an one of a kind house for the royal own family of the Bushahr kings. The palace is positioned 38 kilometers remote from the Temple.
  • Hawa Ghar is an iconic visitor destination positioned in Shimla near Lakkar Bazar. It is placed 2 km from Lakkar Bazar, the main temple.

How do I get to Bhimakali temple?

Since the Bhimakali temple is located near several primary town centers, you can find a whole lot of methods to get there.

Train: There is not any railway station or teach station in Sarahan village. To get to the temple, get to Shimla railway station. It is placed ninety six kilometers away. Once you have reached Shimla take an vehicle or taxi for a go to to the temple.

by AirJubbarbati is the closest airport placed to Bhimakali temple.

On the road Temple lies a hundred and eighty kilometers from Shimla. HRTC gives a variety of buses that go to the temple. You also can use your automobile or lease one from here.


GQ6W+44Q, Sarhan, Himachal Pradesh 172102.

Temple touch information:

Temple agent Contact number: 02782234054

Manager: 01782274248

People additionally inquire:

Which is the maximum historic Hindu temple positioned in India?

Mundeswari Temple is some of the oldest in India.

What is the age of the Bhimakali temple?

The temple is over 800 years antique.

Is Bhimakali a Shaktipeeth?

Yes, it is many of the 50 Shaktipeeths considering Sati's ears fell here.

What is the opportunity call for Sarahan?

The opportunity name for Sarahan is 'Gateway to Kinnaur'.

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