Hadimba Devi Temple Manali Timings, History, and How to Reach


Hadimba Devi Temple Manali Timings, History, and How to Reach

Amid inexperienced trees and mountains blanketed in snow, Hadimba Temple is dedicated to Hidimba Devi. Its hours are from 8:00 am to 6 pm. It's quality in case you visited his shrine for a time of worship.

Hadimba Devi Temple Overview:

The temples are dedicated to Hidimba Devi who is the spouse of Bheem the mythological character. The temple is well-known as a sacred temple positioned in Himachal Pradesh. People in the location revere the god. They also confer with this place as Dhungiri temple considering it's far located in the Dhungiri woodland. It is feasible to enjoy some time there through taking an excursion via the valleys. Many believe that the god protects the city from demons.

The deity at the start isn't a goddess, However, following the management of essential medicinal drugs is run, she transforms right into a goddess. She is the mythical discern in the epic Mahabharata. After visiting the temple, you can wander around the temple as it's a extraordinary place to stroll around. It is likewise possible to camp on the ones hills inside the organisation of your family or your buddies. Each 12 months, a festival is held on the temple. It's called "Sroohni'. The temple does not have an idol, simply the footprint of the god.


Hadimba Devi temple is thought for its mythological beyond. Maharaja Bahadur Singh is a devotee of the god who constructed the temple in 1553 within the cave. Our understanding of history enables us research what we realize approximately Mahabharata.

First, Hidimbi changed into a demoness who turned into the daughter of Hidimba who became a demon, and King from the Kamyaka woodland. According to the legend during the time whilst Pandavas ran faraway from Kauravas, They additionally went to Kamyaka woodland.

When she found out the reality, Hidimba requested Hidimba to get the eye of Pandavas. She set out to finish her aim and became eventually Pandavas. However, she became infatuated with Bheem she decided that she wanted to resource them. She got here out as her actual self to them and supplied Bheem to get married to her. He instructed them that he could not remain together with her for an extended period. He agreed to marry her and had an toddler son inside twelve months.

After Bheem left after her departure, she headed to the hills to contemplate. She won supernatural powers and have become referred to as 'Devi'. She may come from the demon clan However, she is extraordinarily kind and beneficial. Therefore, concerning her vocals, she constructed the temple for her and started acting rituals.

Hadimba Devi Temple Timings:

Hadimba Devi Temple is open for the duration of the day. Hadimba Devi Temple hours are: Hadimba Devi Temple timings are:

DayTimingsMondayFrom eight:00 AM to 6:00 nine:00 AM - 6:00Tuesday8 AM- 6:00 pmWednesdayFrom 8:00 AM to six:00 nine:00 AM - 6:00Thursday8 AM- 6:00 pmFridayFrom 8:00 AM to six:00 9:00 AM - 6:00SaturdayFrom eight:00 AM to 6:00 nine:00 AM - 6:00SundayFrom eight:00 AM to 6:00 nine:00 AM - 6:00

Other traveler points of interest close to Hadimba Temple:

Salang Valley is the quality spot to loosen up playing the herbal surroundings. Salang valley is located at the high in Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. If you're adventurous There are plenty of activities within the valley. It is viable to move on the trails, ski, or paraglide. It's 1.Eight kilometers from Hadimba Devi Temple.

Rohtang los angeles: The pass is a famous vacationer attraction in Manali. Rohtang Pass is the one thru which you could spend it slow in peace. The complete area is full of snow-protected mountains. It is possible to sample neighborhood dishes within the area. The region is 37.Nine kilometers from the temple.

Beas Kund Trek: Many humans go to this location to experience some interesting activities. It is possible to move on an journey right here. It is feasible to finish the hike in a time of 4 to five hours. The overall distance is 4 kilometers. Walking at the trail will give you the maximum enjoyable enjoy. It's 15.9 kilometers faraway from the shrine.

Parvati ValleyThis valley has grow to be a famous destination for its stunning view. It is unique due to the fact it's far where you can meet the Parvati river and River Beas. The valley is placed in Village Bhuntar in Kullu. It is seventy seven.3 kilometers far from the temple.

Manali Sanctuary: It is a top notch region to spend time along with your circle of relatives travelling this sanctuary. The area covers around 3180 acres and is that is surrounded through birds, animals, and luxurious inexperienced trees. It is 1.6 kilometers far from Hadimba Devi temple. It is possible to see many kinds of mammals, wild animals reptiles, birds, and so forth.

Ticket price: 10/- consistent with person.

Rahala Falls: You can also visit the falls at the same time as journeying toward Rohtang skip. The maximum point of the waterfall is 8500 toes above the ground. 16km from Manali This location draws the largest variety of traffic due to the beautiful view. It's 29.Four kilometers away from Manali's temple.

Hotels close to Hadimba Devi temple:

  • Ban on Resorts
  • Snow Valley Resorts
  • Manali Heights
  • Ishaan Resorts
  • Mountain Top Hotel
  • Royal Orbit
  • Village House Manali.

The first-rate time to move:

It is viable to visit the temple at any time during the yr. However, if you go to the temple in summer season you may take part in various celebrations that are held there. Manali usually has a cool temperature, so it's far satisfactory to keep away from the winters. The summers in Himachal Pradesh are lovely because of the clear skies and blossoming bushes.

How to get there Hadimba Devi Temple:

Temples may be visited in a whole lot of ways.

by air: If you want to reduce down on journey time it's far viable to travel right here by means of plane. Kullu Manali in Bhuntur is the closest Airport to the temple. It is 52.5 kilometers from the temple. It takes between 2 and a couple of.Five hours to travel.

Rail: Many direct trains to Himachal Pradesh are available from various cities. Joginder Nagar Railway is the closest railway station. It is likewise viable to recollect Chandigarh Railway station.

On the street, the most convenient and simple way to get to the temple is to journey via road. Numerous local buses are available to get to her. You also can e book taxis or use your car.


65XJ+88P Hadimba Temple avenue, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131.

Hadimba Devi temple contact details:

Telephone variety 01772625924

Most often requested questions(FAQs):

Which do you observed Hadimba Devi Temple is well-known for?

The temple is famous as it's an old cave that is devoted to Hidimbi Devi.

Is the time that antique? Hidimba temple?

The temple turned into constructed in 1553.

What is the reason why Hidimbi is revered?

Through meditative practice, she won supernatural powers and have become "Devi'. Therefore, people praise her for her kindness.

Is Hidimba a rakshas?

Yes, she is a rakshas.

What is the name of the old Manali? Of Manali?

The unique call for Manali changed into Manu-Alaya.

Are you sure? Hidimba originates from Assam?

Yes, she's part of the Bamun own family from Assam.