Bhavnath Mahadev Temple Girnar, Junagadh Timings, History & Festivals

 Bhavnath Mahadev Temple Girnar, Junagadh

Timings, History & Festivals

The Bhavnath Mahadev temple is the principle attraction and most sacred place in Girnar Taleti. The devotee starts and completes the Lili Parikrama in Girnar Hills from the foothills. The Bhavnath Mahadev Temple hours are 6:30 AM to 7PM.

Bhavnath Mahadev Temple

According to Prabhash Khanda from Skanda Purana, this herbal Bhavnath Temple is Mrigi Kund and the very best religious and historical vicinity in Girnar Talati. Bhavnath Temple's important festivals are Lili Parikrama Maha & Shivratri.


What's the records of the Bhavnath Mahadev temple?

Bhavnath Mahadev temple is a sacred shrine this is steeped with myths and legends, positioned at the base of Mount Girnar in Bhavnath Village. This is wherein the divine purpose of Shiva Lingam become born.

According to legend, Lord Shiva and Parvati have been visiting through the Girnar hills, while their divine gown fell upon the prevailing Mrigi Kurd. This made the website online sacred for Lord Shiva worshippers.

Even today, Nagabaus (naked saints) bathe in sacred Mrigi Kund earlier than becoming a member of the Mahashivratri procession. It is so old that it isn't always regarded where its origins are.

The temple became devoted to Lord Shiva worship, and the Shiva Lingam located right here become believed to have been created with the divine intent to make this vicinity a place for worshipping Lord Shiva.

Festivities Celebrated

Maha Shivaratri:

The temple hosts a festival surroundings each yr in the course of Maha Shivaratri, that is in February or March. Here devotees worship Lord Shiva enthusiastically and are seeking for his advantages.

Hinduism says that at midnight on Maha Shivaratri's day, the vicinity is decorated and Naga saints take holy baths in Mrigi Kund. This turned into believed to be a way to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

These Naga saints are a part of the Dashanami way of life. Hindus consider that Lord Shiva visits this temple to peer his devotees. Before the puja starts offevolved the devotees visit the Girnar hills. Many pilgrims from Gujarat and Kutch go to the temple.

Mathura and Ayodhya vendors promote sacred idols, rosaries, and other objects that draw travelers from India and around the world. The visit ought to now not be ignored if you are able to see a Naga sadhu acting hatha yoga.

The entire vicinity became filled with auspicious music and matters. At the same time, the Naga saints sat on their elephants and reached the temple sporting the spiritual flags of the Hindu subculture. They then placed them on palanquins. The Bhavnath Mahadev temple become reached by using a decorated statue of Lord Dattatreya.

Ramadan at Girnar Shivratri Mela:

Many masses of Hindu saints are seen walking bare from the Bhavnath Mahadev temple to Mrigi Kund in which they take a tub at midnight. This march is similar to Kumbh Mela and can be seen from lakes of vacationers, pilgrims, and visitors.

It takes location at midnight. This is the difference between the Kumbh Mela March and the Ravadi March of the Girnar Shivratri Mela.

Mahapuja at Girnar Shivaratri fair

Mahapuja is held at Bhavnath temple on the day of Mahashivratri. Before intending to the honest, Pilgrims complete a seven-meter-long circumambulation across the sacred Girnar hills.

Mahashivratri is the day whilst Lord Shiva visits the Bhavnath temple to bless devotees. Bhavnath temple is domestic to 9 immortals and 81 Siddhas.

Girnar Lili Parikrama:

"Girnar Lili Parikrama", which is done after imparting dhaj and Bhavanath 5 days after Vijayadashami ends, usually within the month October-November according to the Hindu calendar.

Parikrama, or the circular adventure, is about 36 km around the Girnar Mountains, thru the reserve woodland and many ancient temples, as nicely rugged terrain. It runs from Bhavnath Temple to Jina Bava Nee Madhi.

Return to Hanuman Dhara, Malvela, Bordevi, Bordevi, and Bhavnath temple. It became compared to the Lili Parikrama at Mount Govardhana, Vraja [Brindavana].

Parikrama believed Dattatreya had come to earth to bless his devotees, which changed into considered auspicious. It is a really perfect experience for nature enthusiasts as it connects you immediately to nature and its hidden treasures.

Bhavannath Mela:

Bhavannath Mela, a 5-day pageant that culminates with Lord Shiva worshipping at Bhavnath Mahadev temple on Maha Shivaratri Night, is referred to as Bhavannath Mela.

The Shivaratri Night Mela is a procession inclusive of rishis adorned with embellishes, some located on elephants to rhythmic devices consisting of conches or tennis.

Tourists, pilgrims, and vacationers flock to the march because it is as large as the Kumbh Mela at night time.

The Nagula procession is the night time's principal event, with hundreds of sadhus and sadhus marching in processions.

Even the maximum skeptical observer can be surprised on the awesome bodily staying power and power feats. The processions end with the saints taking a holy tub at the Mrigi Kund, located at the temple premises.

Bhavnath Mahadev Temple Timings

Timings for the Bhavnath Mahadev temple are:

DayBhavnath Mahadev Temple TimingsMonday06:30 AM - 07:00 PMTuesday06:30 AM - 07:00 PMWednesday06:30 AM - 07:00 PMThursday06:30 AM - 07:00 PMFriday06:30 AM - 07:00 PMSaturday06:30 AM - 07:00 PMSunday06:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

After offering dhaj at the Bhavnath Mahadev temple, 'Parikrama’ is carried out for 5 days on the entire moon of Kartika.

Nearby Places to Visit

Mahabat Maqbara

Mahabat Maqbara, positioned about 1 km from Junagadh junction is a mausoleum inside the Mullawada area of Junagadh. It is also known as Bahaduddinbhai Hasainbhai Samadhi and is one of the most vital locations near Bhavnath Mahadev temple.

Upperkot Fort:

Upperkot Fort, positioned 2 km from Junagadh Railway Station is an ancient fortress, in Junagadh (Gujarat), at the foothills of the holy Girnar Hills. It is a ought to-have in Junagadh Packages.

Sakkarbagh Zoological Garden

Sakkarbagh Zoo, placed in Dolatpara, Junagadh is about 2 km far from Junagadh Junction. Junagadh Zoo is likewise referred to as it. It is the second one oldest Zoo in India.

How do I reach it?

Junagadh is most effective 8km from Bhavnath Mahadev Temple.


Junagadh is home to its railway station. The railway junction is positioned approximately 1 km from the city center. The railway station was well-connected to all primary Indian cities.

By Road:

Junagadh turned into linked thru road to many parts of Gujarat, which includes Ahmedabad and Bhuj. There are ordinary bus offerings. There are both state buses and private buses that can take you to Junagadh.

By Air:

Junagadh does not have an airport. To attain Junagadh you may need to land at Keshod Airport. Keshod Airport is the nearest airport to Junagadh. Keshod Airport lies 40 km from Junagadh.


Bhavnath Mahadev, Taleti, Girnar, Junagadh