Bala Hanuman Temple Jamnagar Gujarat Rituals Address, and How to Reach


Bala Hanuman Temple Jamnagar Gujarat Rituals Address, and How to Reach

Bala Hanuman Temple in Gujarat is understood for its stunning design. Under the slogan "Sriram Jai RAM Jai Jairam Ram", the temple was blanketed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Bala Hanuman Temple hours are among 06:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Bala Hanuman Temple

It is thought to be one of the oldest temples in Jamnagar. It is placed inside the southeast nook of Lake Ramnall.

What significance does Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple have?

This location is sacred for Hanuman's 'Ram Dhun’ chanting. Bala Hanuman Temple. The importance of Jamnagar lies inside the reality that each one devotees who go to this temple are attracted through the consistent chanting "Ram Dhun".

This uninterrupted psalm is carried out by means of monks and their devotees. It is located at the Jamnagar Central Lake's facet. You can go to it at any hour of the night time if you wish to make a difference for a terrific cause.

The temple is dedicated to Hanuman and Ram-Lakshman. Their idols are placed inside the center, whilst Hanuman Ji lives on the other aspect. The 2nd side functions a huge body photo of Sri Prembhiksinji Maharaj.


What is the history of Hanuman Temple Jamnagar?

In 1963-sixty four, Sri Prembhikshuji Maharaj founded the Bala Hanuman Temple. Many locations have "Ram Dhun" chants in honor of Sri Prembhikshuji. Bala Hanuman Temple become one of his oldest buildings.

Jamnagar's fascinating history dates again to 1540 A.D. Jamnagar changed into referred to as "Navanagar", which means that "new city". Shri Jam Rawal built it. Jam Rawal, one of the descendants of Lord Krishna, is Jam Halla's son.

Jamnagar additionally homes the Siddhanath Mahadev Temple and the Bhid Bhnajan Temple. There are many other temples within the vicinity, consisting of the Khileshwar Temple, the Khileshwar Temple, and the Bhid Bhnajan Temple. Tourists from all walks of the globe flock to Jamnagar because it exudes purity and innocence.


It is reasonably present day in its architecture. It was constructed on the southeast facet of Lake Ronall.

It also functions a complex shape that includes pillars of ethnic layout and beautiful sculptures.

It is stated that the temple has been through natural disasters together with earthquakes, storms, and invasions.

Rituals at the Bala Hanuman Temple

Aarti (day by day worship), occurs within the morning. However, the Akhanda RAM Dhun at Bala Hanuman Temple draws devotees from all over the global. The nighttime is while devotional movement takes its maximum height. During this hour of eternal, devotees come together and work collectively. Here are Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple Timings:

Every WEEKTIMINGSMangla darshan (Sunday)6:00 AMShangar Darshan (Monday)6:30 AMMangala arati (Tuesday)7:00 AMRaj Bhog (Wednesday)12:00 PMUtthapan (Thursday).Four:30 PMSandhya aarti (Friday)7:00 PMShayan Darshan (Saturday)10:00 PM

Stay near Bala Hanuman Temple

These are a number of the places that you can stay close to the Temple.

Hotel Regency is Located in Valkeshwari at Pandit Nehru Marg. This lodge is a first rate area to live. It also gives spacious rooms and engaging eateries.

Hotel Hanuman - This Belgaum inn also provides extraordinary accommodation. You can make bookings due to its tranquil ecosystem and handy vicinity. This allows you to effortlessly visit the many famous spots close by.

Hotel Vraj Inn Another region to stay at Hotel Vraj Inn Jamnagar. The inn gives notable carrier and tremendous room features.

Are there any temples within the region?

Bala Hanuman Temple Several regions near Jamnagar

Bhidbhanjan Temple:

After touring the Bala Hanuman Temple, Jamnagar, Bhidbhanjan Temple ought to be visited. It is a lovely region to visit Lord Shiva and different deities. It is a Western-inspired structure.

Dwarkadheesh Temple:

Another place of worship and pilgrimage is to be had. Here is a glimpse at Dwarkadheesh. The temple become committed to Lord Krishna. It is likewise known as the Jagat Mandir. It is also referred to as the Jagat Mandir.

BAPS Sri Swaminarayan Temple:

Another famous spot to go to is the temple at Indira Marg. The management is green. Cleanliness is a key element in every day meal guidance. Many human beings come to this vicinity to respect the elaborate structure and art work.

How do I reach it?

Here's the way to get to Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple

By Road:

Before achieving the stand, the street bus passes thru Bedi Gate. You also can get off at Bedi Gate.

By Air:

Jamnagar Domestic Airport serves as the closest airport to Bala Hanuman. It is placed 11.2km from the temple.


Hapa Railway Station is located 28 km away, which many tourists pick.

Contact and Address

Shri Prembhikshuji Marg,

Near Lakhota Lake

Government Colony

Jamnagar, Gujarat 361008

0288 255 8196