Popular tourist spots in Cambodia

 Popular tourist spots in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the top nations inside the international. It is placed on the Indo-Chinese peninsula and has many lovely points of interest in terms of architecture, culture, beautiful splendor and beaches. They are also known for their stunning lakes, gardens as well as waterfalls and their forests. Nature lovers are adventurers, and this is one among the precise locations for nature fanatics. If you're searching out an enjoyable long trip to Cambodia, we have indexed a few have to-visit Cambodia visitor destinations.

Cambodia Tourist Destinations:

Here are some famous Cambodia locations to visit.


Sihanoukville is an vital coastal motel and seaport on the Gulf of Thailand. It is also called Kampong Som and is one of the lovely beaches wherein you could relax and revel in with your pals and own family. Clear, glowing beaches, clean waters and beautiful surroundings will make your holiday profitable.

Silver Pagoda:

Cambodia's Silver Pagoda is placed within the Royal Palace. The well-known golden and gilded Buddha statues are the most popular attractions. The inner partitions of the courtyard are adorned with colorful and particular murals that are a part of the Ramayana legend. A visit to this area will help you understand the history and faith of Cambodia. It is one of the most beautiful places to go to in Cambodia.

Bokor Hill Station:

Bokor Hill Station was set up in 1920 by way of the French. The station has been abandoned more than one times and gives site visitors a sense of dread. Although the road has been closed for construction due to the fact that August 2008, vacationers can still go to the place through nei

ghborhood tour corporations.

Koh Ker become the capital of the former Khmer Empire. It is home to some of the most surprising structure, systems and sculptures you will ever see and is an absolute sight to behold. The region is a reflection of way of life, as well as Cambodia's specific customs, structure and customs, and ideal for exploration and journey.


Kratie is a small and non violent city at the banks of the Mekong River. Mekong. It is teeming with French-constructed buildings. This is the suitable location for all Irrawaddy Dolphin lovers. They are also reducing very slowly. Sixty-six to eighty-six dolphins are believed to be currently residing in the place.


Angkor is one of the maximum astounding and historical places in Cambodia. Here temples and monuments of many religions will delight you. The famous Angkor Wat Temple and Bayon Temple are must-sees. A temple tour is fun as you get to study Cambodian way of life. Cambodian culture.

Bantey Sri:

Banteay Sree Temple is placed 25 km from the Angkor complex. It became constructed in 967 BC of red sandstone and is one of the maximum terrific and properly-designed wall sculptures recognized and visible today. It is the maximum crucial temple in Angkor and attracts loads of visitors every yr.

Pre Vihear:

Pre Vihear is a well-known and respected temple from the Khmer Empire, placed within the area between Thailand and Cambodia. It turned into constructed within the twelfth century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Preah Vihear has been the issue of territorial disputes among Thailand and Cambodia for decades.

Tonle Sap:

Tonle Sap is the biggest freshwater lake in Cambodia, which bills for its rise thru the seasons. It is home to many Vietnamese and Cham households who live in floating villages across the lake.

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