Amazing waterfalls near Mumbai with their details

          Amazing waterfalls near Mumbai with their details

After a hectic week in the bustling city of Mumbai, the best way to unwind is with a weekend getaway! Instead of running to suffocating hotels and shopping malls, why not take some time to breathe fresh air? Mumbai's surroundings are stunning and offer a perfect weekend getaway for city dwellers. There are many waterfalls in and around Mumbai that are a treat for any nature lover. The roar of the waters, the brilliant sparkling white splashes and the natural beauty of the surroundings are sure to take your mind away from another world! The stunning waterfalls in Mumbai are the perfect place for a day picnic with your loved ones. Visit these beautiful places and become a part of Mother Nature

List of Amazing Waterfalls Near Mumbai:

Check out these beautiful natural waterfalls near Mumbai,

Table of Contents:

Beautiful Bhivpuri Falls.

Tranquil Wangni Falls.

High Pandavakada Falls.

The magnificent Lingamala Falls.

Randa Falls: The third largest.

Dhobi Falls: A breath-taking waterfall.

Umbrella Falls: The Picturesque Fall.

In the middle of the jungle: Kandhar Do Falls.

Bhilar Falls: The Beautiful One.

Palusa Falls: Popular picnic spot.

1. Beautiful Bhivpuri Falls:

Monsoon is the best time to see any waterfall. Bhivuri Falls is located near Karjat, Mumbai. A walk through the hills of Sainik Nagar takes you to waterfalls. It is a popular picnic spot and is nearby giving you an opportunity to escape from here. During monsoons, waterfall rappelling is conducted in this area, which attracts many adventure and nature lovers.


Height: 20 feet

Best time to visit: Monsoon season from June to August

Distance: It is 23 km from Bhivpuri Railway Station

How to Reach: Various types of taxis are readily available to take you there.

Other attractions: Delicious vada pav near waterfalls

2. Tranquil Wangni Falls:

This waterfall is located in Mumbai, 22 km from Wangni Falls Karat. Van Falls is 22 km from Karat. Vanni forest area is located in Amberbath, a small village called Vanni on Kajrat road. The area is far away from the urban area and peaceful. This is a great place for hiking if you can climb the mountains, but you can also choose to walk to get to the spot. The water is very sharp, and keeping a distance is recommended.


Height: 130 feet

Best time to visit: June to August

Distance: Nearest railway station can be found at Vangani station which is a 2.5 hour journey.

How to reach: A range of taxis are readily available to take you to your destination.

Additional attractions: Bhagirath Dam near the falls

3. Tall Pandavakada Falls:

Pandavkada Falls is considered by many to be the top and it is just 49 km away from the city of millions. Located in Thane district, it is believed to be the 29th most awe-inspiring waterfall in the world. This waterfall looks smoky and white. This stream is narrow and is at its maximum during monsoon. The name derives from the popular belief that the legendary Pandavas were a part of the caves near the falls during their exile. This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Mumbai that you can visit.


Height: 707 feet

Best time to visit: June to early September

Distance: 29 km from Mumbai

Where to go: The nearest railway station is Khargarh station, from which taxis are available to reach the station.

Other attractions: Central Park and Golf Course are close to the falls.

4. Magnificent Lingamala Falls:

Lingamala Falls is located along the highway between Mahabaleshwar and Pune. These waterfalls can reach a height of 500 feet from the lush green forests. Below. It is formed by the Vienna River and is stunningly beautiful. This is the top waterfall in Mumbai for a one day picnic. There is also a forest bungalow overlooking the tranquil beauty of the falls.


Height: 500 feet

Best time to visit: June to October

Distance: 259 km from Mumbai and 6 km from Mahabaleshwar

How to get there: Taxis are available from Mahabaleshwar Bus Station, which is just 6 km from this place.

Other attractions: There is a mini waterfall which is great for swimming or taking a cool dip in the water.

5. Randha Falls is the third largest:

Randa Falls is located 180 km from Mumbai. Pravara river falls up to 170 feet. Bhandardara's tranquility is interrupted by a rapid plunge into Randha Falls. It is the third largest fall in India. It also has an ancient temple on the banks of the river. During the rainy season this waterfall becomes most powerful and violent. These are one of the biggest waterfalls in Mumbai.


Height: 170 feet

Best time to visit: June to March

Distance: About 165 km from Mumbai

How to reach there: Igatpuri Railway Station is the nearest place to hire taxis. It is 45 km from the station.

Other attractions: The temple is located near waterfalls.

6. Dhobi Falls Take a Breath Waterfall:

Dhobi Falls on Lodwick Point Road is a popular picnic spot. The southern part of the falls offers breathtaking views over the Elphinstone Point valley and where the falls join the Koina River. The road to the falls takes visitors on horses and ponies, making it an exciting ride for riders. It is located on the old Mahabaleshwar road at a distance of 267 km from Mumbai. Another fascinating waterfall in the vicinity of Mumbai is a day trip to enjoy.


Height: 450 feet

Best time to visit: July to December

Distance: 267 km from Mumbai

How to reach: Satara Railway Station, 60 km from the falls, is the nearest and many taxis are readily available.

Other attractions: There is a temple near the falls.

7. Umbrella Falls: A Beautiful Fall:

Gudugu Falls is located near Randha Falls. It is located in the erstwhile Wilson Dam in Ahmednagar district. This waterfall powers the hydroelectricity generation in the Bhandardara region. It is near to Nashik, Igatpuri and Mumbai. The waterfall flows in the form of an umbrella. It is considered as the most beautiful fall in Mumbai. There are many tourist attractions like a boat ride to see the falls from up close.


Height: 500 feet

Best time to visit: June to September

Distance: 161 km from Mumbai

How to reach: This place is half a km away from the nearest town Bhandardara. From there, you can take a taxi

Additional attractions: Wilson Dam

8. Kandhar Do Falls in Jungle:

The waterfall is located a few kilometers away from Patharpunj village, amidst dense forest. At Chandoli Dam the water flows directly towards their destination. Its source is the Varna river, which is an excellent place for hiking and one of the picnic spots for waterfalls near Mumbai. It is located in a dense forest and is a great place for photographers.


Height: 200 meters.

Best time to visit: Peak monsoon

Distance: 223 km from Mumbai

How to reach: It is 8 km from Valmiki in Nanded and taxis can be hired from there.

Other attractions: Chandoli Dam and Chandoli Zoo

9. Bhilar falls the beautiful one:

Bhilar falls originates from Kundali river. They drop about 300 feet before joining the Vienna River near Sangam Mahuli near Satara. It is situated by the road between Mahabaleshwar and Mahabaleshwar in Panchgani and is a spectacular sight especially during monsoons.


Height: 350 meters

Best time to visit: Peak monsoon

Distance: 247 km from Mumbai

How to reach there: Book a taxi and drive on the road via Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.

Other attractions: Best for photography

10. Palusa Falls: Popular Picnic Spot:

Like all other waterfalls, Palusa Falls never dries up at any time of the year. It falls between 40 to 50 feet. down, and has a dam close to it. The waterfall is a popular spot for picnics, so it is crowded with tourists even on holidays. It is located near Vikramgad and is smaller than other waterfalls. But, the rocks are very slippery and dangerous during monsoons.


towering 40–50 feet

Monsoon is the best season to go.

36 kilometers separate you from Thane.

How to get there: Buses or taxis can take you there from Thane.

Additional draws: wonderful for hikers.

Other things to consider when visiting Mumbai's waterfalls:

It is advised that you abide by the following rules in order to ensure that your trip to the falls is unforgettable and free of mishaps or uncomfortable circumstances:

The monsoon season is a fantastic time to view the falls' entire form and to be mindful of their strong currents.

It's best to always pack extra clothing so you don't get soaked leaving your house.

The majority of these waterfalls are found in isolated locations. Ensure that you are carrying food and drink.

Use caution when handling water if you are traveling with kids. Verify the depth before going in.

Before getting into the water, pay close attention to any warnings and signals of danger.

If you're passionate about snapping photos, particularly selfies, be careful to pay attention to your surroundings to prevent falls.

Questions and answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Have you read about the beauty of Malshezhghat waterfalls? Where are they located and what is their significance?

Malshezhghat is one of the hilly areas of the Western Ghats and a wonderful place for nature lovers. Passing through the ghat, beautiful misty waterfalls amaze people. They bring beauty to the hill especially during the rainy season. It takes around two hours to drive towards Mumbai to reach the falls.

2. Are there restaurants in the vicinity of these waterfalls?

Most of the waterfalls are located in remote areas and lack any facilities. If you are lucky, some food stalls offer omelets, maggi and vada pav. It is always advised to take all your food items and drink water before visiting these places as it can be very tiring after having fun at the beach.

3. Are there any private tour companies that offer trips to these waterfalls?

Some of the famous waterfalls near the cities of Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai are offered by the tour operators in their packages. For example, the Mahabaleshwar tour includes Dhobi Falls. But remote waterfalls are usually not included in any tour package due to logistics issues. Better to get a taxi service or drive your vehicle.

If you are looking forward to some time away from the mundane aspects of your daily life, there is nothing more relaxing than these amazing waterfalls. The truth is, pictures do not do justice to the true splendor of these waterfalls. If you follow a few simple rules, you can make lasting memories of your trip. You will also spend unforgettable time with your loved ones and family members. Nature is calling what you are doing! Time to get your bags out and make sure you have some cool water! Please share your thoughts about these waterfalls so we can help others who travel.

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