Most famous waterfalls in Goa

Most famous waterfalls in Goa

Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood. It is India's ultimate party destination. Another special gift of this land is its waterfalls. These cascades are high and give you goosebumps. They are popular among adventurers and nature lovers. These waterfalls are as impressive as their appearance. There are many legends associated with them. These amazing waterfalls are an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. These waterfalls are a must-see for everyone visiting Goa.

Beautiful waterfalls that are a must-see in Goa are their details

1. Breathtaking Dudhsagar Falls Goa :

Dudhsagar Falls is the most majestic and beautiful waterfall of Goa. Dudhsagar Falls on the border between Goa and Karnataka River Mandovi is located on the border between Goa (India) and Karnataka. Madgaon Railway Station is 46 km away. Its pure white water comes from a height of 320 meters. This makes it look milky. So Dudhsagar is a milky sea. The water level rises during the rainy season, making it highly attractive. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa.

Height: 320 m

Best time to visit: June-December

River: Mandovi

Distance: Kulem, 8 km from the falls, is the nearest station if you prefer railways.

How to reach: You can hire a bicycle at Kulem station.

Additional Attractions: Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Sayadri Spice Farm

2. Noisy Arwalem Falls (Harlem):

Harlem and Arvalem Falls can be found just a 10-minute drive from Sanquelim's Arvalem Caves. This waterfall gushes out after the monsoon season amid lush greenery. They fall off in winter. The waterfall is 50 meters below and locals can enjoy it for a day.

Height: 70 feet

Best time to visit: October to February

River: Mandovi

Distance: Sanquelim, 2 km from the falls, is the nearest station if you prefer railways.

How to reach: To reach the spot, you can hire a taxi from Panaji or Sanquelim

Other Attractions: Arvalem Rock Cut Caves and Rudreswara Temple

3. Silent Sada Waterfalls :

Sada Falls are found at Chorla Ghats, 8 km from a small village. To reach the bottom, you have to cross streams. It is an exciting and thrilling journey. After a long walk through the streams, the Saga Falls can be seen between two hills. It is an amazing sight!

Maximum height: 200 feet

Best time to visit: September-November

River: Mandovi

Distance: It is 8 km from Sada village on the Goa-Karnataka border.

How to reach: You can hire or rent a car from Margov. It is the best place for accommodation.

Other attractions: Ancient fort built by Kadambulu.

4. Dense Nethravali Falls Goa :

Sangem taluk is home to Netravali waterfalls. It covers an area of 211 square miles. It is connected with Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary. To protect the Western Ghat range, the government has declared the entire area under a wildlife sanctuary. This is the waterfall of South Goa. It is accessible by walking down to the waters or standing on an island-like spot for a spectacular view of the falls.

Height: 130m

Best time to visit: October to February

River: Juari

Distance: It takes 2 hours to drive from Margove

How to reach: From Margove, you can hire a bicycle or hire a taxi.

Other attractions: Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Tall Kuskem Falls, Goa :

Kuskem Falls is found in Canakona Taluk of South Goa. The water flows from high peaks and flows like pure water. Although it is not as famous as Arwalem or Dudhsagar Falls, it is still worth a visit. Best to visit during or after monsoon. However, it is very hot in summer.

Height: 100 feet

Best time to visit: June-October

River: Sal

Distance: It takes 2 hours to drive from Panaji village to Kuskem village

How to reach: You have to drive to the falls from Hatipol, Kuskem.

Other attractions: Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Chapoli Dam


6. Tambdi Surla Falls - A breathtaking waterfall amidst wildlife :

You can reach Tambdi Surla Falls by trekking through Bhagwan Mauvir Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a sacred temple here dating back to the 15th century Shiva. This temple is worth a visit. The waterfall cascades down from the hills, creating a stunning landscape of lush greenery with trees and bushes.

Maximum height: 50 m

Best time to visit: July and September

  River: Surla

Distance: It takes 1:30 hour to drive from Panaji

How to reach: Once you reach Carnazol, trek up to the falls

Another attraction : Tami Surla Temple.

7. Medicinal Kesarval Falls :

Kesarwal Falls is 22 km from Panaji on the Verna Plateau. The waterfall and betel leaves are surrounded by tropical forests. Kesarwal is the Indian word for eagles, and was used to name the colony. Water has medicinal properties. If you want, take a shower!

Height: 70 meters

Best time to visit: July-March

River: Juari

Distance: It is about 22 km from Panaji

How to reach there: Take a taxi and follow the Panaji-Margao highway.

Other attractions: Santana Church and Rachel Fort are also available.

Beautiful Hivre Falls :

It is a peaceful little village with small streams and green trees. It is a great place for trekking. Valpoi is the nearest town to Havre village. This beautiful waterfall is located in Goa.

Maximum height: 50 meters

Best time to visit: June-September

River: Tiwari River

Distance: It is about 14 km from Valpoi City

How to reach: From Valpoi, you can hire a car and hire a taxi.

Other attractions: Trekking including advanced level

9. Bamanbudo Falls:

Bamanbudo Falls is famous for its pure water. Nature lovers will love this natural beauty. These falls can be easily reached without any difficult trekking. This waterfall is located at the back of Aube Ghat and is one of the most beautiful, yet lesser known waterfalls in Goa.

Maximum height: 130 m

Best time to visit: June-September

River: Kali

Distance: It is 88 km from Panaji

How to reach: You can hire a car or hire a taxi.

Additional attractions: Bird watching in this area.

10. Charavane Falls, a Natural Beauty:

Caravan Falls is another amazing place that is less known to tourists. It is located at Charavane, 12 km from Valpoi. The waterfalls are set in lush green surroundings. You can hear the sounds of roaring water from far away. These waterfalls are part of Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Height: 40 m

Best time to visit: July to December

River: Mahdi

Distance: It is 12 km from Valpoi City

How to reach: You can hire a car or hire a taxi.

Other attractions: Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary

11. Misty Karmalya Falls :

Karmalya Falls can be found in the picturesque village of Karmalya. This place is very popular and often not crowded. Few people visit this beautiful place. They are milky white because the water falls from a great height. This waterfall is accessible only during monsoon. Water dries up in summer.

Height: 50 m

Best time to visit: July-September

River: Opa

Distance: It is 7 km from Ponda City and 38 km from Dabolim Airport.

How to reach: You can hire a car or hire a taxi.

Other attractions: You can enjoy a cool splash in the water

Additional tips to keep in mind while visiting waterfalls in Goa:

These points will help you stay safe while visiting the falls.

To avoid discomfort, make sure you have enough water and food.

Always keep an extra pair of clothes and towels on hand in case you need to change.

Due to the high flow of water, the falls are very dangerous during the rainy season.

Be careful if you visit Sada Falls during monsoons. You can be sucked in by many leeches.

If you are planning trekking you should always take proper gear. Do not attempt an impromptu trek in your slippers!

Always carry a first aid kit and some medicines with you

There is nothing better than relaxing in these amazing places after a long week. Relaxing in nature, listening to the birds and listening to water splashing around can take your experience to another level. Peace and tranquility will replace the chaos in your head. How much money this happiness is not possible! Are you looking for the perfect vacation? Get ready to go!

Expert Questions and Answers

1. How can I deal with waterfall leeches?

Because they are so tough to remove from your body, leeches rank among the most challenging organisms you will encounter. They have the ability to inject blood covertly and get away from you. Checking your socks, shoes, and other apparel at short intervals is a smart idea to ensure you don't forget to do so. Apply a layer of salt to the area to eliminate any leeches.

2. What restaurants are close to these waterfalls?

There are a lot of waterfalls in isolated places, so getting tea or water can be challenging. In order to prevent famine, it is best to pack food and drink. Make sure you properly dispose of plastics and avoid leaving the environment littered. Exercise caution when travelling.

3. Is it feasible to pay to enter the waterfall with a camera?

Still, not every waterfall requires local government management. There are waterfalls that are free to view and some that charge a fee. To take pictures at Dudhsagar Falls, visitors must pay 50 rupees. Before you move in, be sure to read these rules.

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