Biography of Naresh Goyal

Biography of Naresh Goyal

Indian businessman, Shri Naresh Goyal, Founder and Chairman of Jet Airways. He has over 40 years of aviation experience and has helped make Jet Airways the premier airline in India.

He is an expatriate Indian and was born to a jeweler in Punjab. His family was hit hard by financial difficulties when he was 11 years old and his house was sold. He graduated in Commerce from Bikram College of Commerce, Patiala.

He graduated from college and joined the general sales agents of Lebanese International Airlines to work in the travel industry. There he underwent extensive training with several foreign airlines. During this time he traveled abroad a lot on business.

Goyal is a talented entrepreneur with a high level of optimism. He started his first airline Jet Airways. This was at a time when Indian Airlines and Air India were the only domestic airlines. Since its maiden flight in 1993, Jet Airways has enjoyed meteoric rise and revolutionized the way people travel.

Frequent travelers have rated the airline as the best, stating that it offers the highest level of comfort, service standards and reliability. The airline currently operates more than 355 daily flights and has network connectivity to 55 international and domestic destinations.

With the launch of North American operations, Jet Airways begins a new chapter in its international expansion. Jet Airways uses Brussels as its hub to expand its international operations to other North American destinations. Soon, it plans to expand its reach to other European, African and Asian destinations.

Goyal's technical expertise and exceptional business acumen led to the creation of Jetair (Pvt.) Ltd., which was established in 1974 to provide sales and marketing representation to Indian airlines. He was instrumental in developing traffic patterns, route structures and operational economics, as well as flight schedules. This made Goyal a leading figure in aviation and travel.

After the financial crisis of 2008, Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines ran into trouble and he decided to accept. This collaboration enables rationalization of route operation, cost, availability, fuel management and ground handling. His company, Air Sahara, now has 32% of India's travel market.

Jet Airways is now looking to enhance customer service by upgrading its domestic Boeing 737 fleet. The airline has a reputation for providing world-class service with utmost emphasis on the training and grooming of its cabin crew.

His tenure in aviation earned him many awards and accolades. Forbes magazine named him the 16th richest Indian with a net worth of USD 1.9 million. In 2006, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh awarded him the first NDTV Profit Business Award. Business Week Asia Edition featured Goyal in the cover story "Stars of Asia – 25 Leaders at the Front of Change".

Turning his vision into reality, the visionary 60-year-old corporate boss had this idea, "Changed the way people travel in India. We now bring our brand of service and style to the rest of India. I want to be Indians. Who take the most important jobs in the world. If Indians work at NASA Why can't we make our airline the number one in the world? It's not rocket science."

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