Chanda Kochhar Biography

Chanda Kochhar Biography

Latest Update: Former ICICI Chief Executive Officer Chanda Kochhar has been named as a witness in the CBI FIR today against the Videocon Bank fraud.

ICICI Bank announced on 4 October 2018 that it had accepted Chanda Kochhar's request for early retirement. The Board voted to nominate Sandeep Bakhshi as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to the previous point, above. Chanda Kochhar has an impressive career that includes the following.

Chanda Kochhar was named among the Top 50 Successors with a strong determination in her heart, and her conviction that women in all organizations can rise on their merits and not because of the privileges and patronage of their gender. Women in Business Women as part of Fortune Global 2014 analysis. This Indian woman is known in the corporate world for her leadership and bold decision-making skills. The woman is the Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank, India's largest privately owned financial institution. She is a shining model of today's women and her ability to create something more livable.

Being a key member of the Central ICICI team, she was able to help strengthen the wings of the organization to soar beyond the sky. Her focus goes beyond the local level. She was the first to insist that bank hours should be 12 hours, while every other brand would work seven hours a day. She was one of the few bankers who conceived the idea of ATM 2000 installation across India promoting electronic banking on a large scale. ICICI Bank was awarded "Best Retail Bank in India" in 2001, 2003, 2004, as well as 2005 under her direction.


     Chanda Kochhar was born on 17 November 1961 in Rajasthan and graduated from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. She studied cost accounting at ICWAI and taught various methods of management while studying for her master's degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. She is highly educated and has been recognized with the Wockard Gold Medal in recognition of her achievements in management studies. She also won the J.N.Bose Gold Medal Award for her exceptional achievement in cost accountancy.


     The course of her life changed in 1984 when she joined ICICI as a trainee manager of The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited. The company hasn't looked back since she joined. Chanda became Assistant Director of Operations in 1994 and was promoted to Deputy General Manager in 1996. Under her guidance, the company was able to take the company in a new direction. In 1999, she was promoted to General Manager. She is tasked with overseeing the firm's 200-strong client base.

The company started its retail operations in the year 2000 under the leadership and revolutionary ideas of Chanda Kochhar. In the years that followed, the company grew to become the largest retail company in the country. The company has honored her by making her Deputy Managing Director, handling the entire business of the retail sector and the banking industry expertly. From 2007 to 2009, she worked tirelessly and with great ambition as the Chief Financial Officer or CFO. Finance Officer. JMD is the Joint Managing Director, and the official representative and representative of the Company.

In May 20009, Chanda Kochhar was honored by ICICI Bank as Chief Operating Officer and Director of the Managing Board for over five years.

Ever the optimist, she is not afraid to take on new challenges. She believes that newer players cannot disrupt banks on a large scale and that competition provides the most value to customers. Her challenges are not limited to scaling but aligning organizational strategy with evolving conditions.

A mother of two, Kochhar effortlessly juggles her career with her family. She is never late in her 24-hour work schedule and uses her free time to catch up on emails, conference calls, or catch up on some sleep. Her role as head of ICICI is an inspiration for women who want to make an impact in the business world.

Achievements –
Retail Banker of the Year Award by Asian Banker in 2004.

Businesswoman of the year recognition in The Economic Times in 2005.

Rising Star Award by Retail Banker International in 2006

She has been on the list of "30 Most Influential Women Leaders" in business for eight consecutive years.

Received the Transformational Business Leader of the Year Award by the All India Management Association in the year 2010.

Chanda Kochhar was ranked 10th in Fortune's 2010 "Most Powerful Women in Business" rankings.

Ranked 92nd on the Forbes "Most Influential Women" list for 2010.

CNBC TV 18 awarded her "Best Female Business Leader of the Year" in 2010.

She was named 11th on the Financial Times list for "Top 50 Women" in Global Business.

She was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2011.

Chanda Kochhar is a true source of inspiration for both women and men. She has found an ideal balance between home and work. A long-time believer, she always faces a challenge and accepts criticism fearlessly and confidently. Women across the country have struggled for centuries to fill many roles in their lives: as mothers, housewives, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and dreamers who can shape the future of a nation. Only women can strike a balance between home and work to reap the fruits of their success and peace.

Chanda Kochhar is currently under investigation on nepotism charges. She has therefore taken a leave of absence pending the conclusion of the investigation, to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest in view of her credentials and professional reputation.

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