Biography of Zubin Mehta

Biography of Zubin Mehta

  Versatile musician Zubin Mehta is also the son of renowned violinist Mehli Mehta. Zubin Mehta was born in 1936 in Mumbai.

When he was accepted to study medicine, he decided to abandon the idea and pursue a career as a musician. His decision is a testament to his belief that the path to success is not set in stone and can be shaped according to one's personal preferences aspirations, goals and desires.

Mehta has created a niche in his own way in the music world. He has conducted over three thousand orchestras in his career and continues to be a force with no signs of slowing down.

His abilities were recognized and appreciated. This is evident from the variety of honors and awards to his name, for example, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra awarded him the title of Music Director for Life Award in 1981.

In 1963, Mehta directed his first opera in Montreal. As he began his winning streak and there was no turning back for this charismatic and dynamic musician. He has appeared on five continents, in Munich, Chicago, Vienna, India, Florence, Bavaria and more. His desire to experiment and his enthusiasm for high-quality opera musicals have literally taken him places. His appreciation for music does not end in the form of honors and awards, it extends far beyond - he was awarded honorary citizenship in Tel Aviv as well as Florence.

  In 2011, the President of Israel gave a rousing speech highlighting Zubin Mehta's services to the music industry, his contribution to national harmony, culture and the unity of Israel. For example, he performed in front of the troops during the Gulf War, and then he conducted an orchestra with them in Tel Aviv. He was a strong supporter of the nation's welfare policies and schemes and gave suggestions for peaceful coexistence in times of crisis and conflict. He was hailed as Israel's defender even as Israel's loyal supporters began to oppose the country.

The most inspiring aspect of Mehta's story is that even now Mehta proves that music transcends any superficial or petty limitations and boundaries of religion, nation or creed and continues to unite humanity. His music shines a light in states like Israel or Kashmir that are mired in the darkness of violence and enmity. Music is inherently peace-loving, non-discriminatory and harmonious. It is like dewdrops that fill the soul of humanity, that awakens a sense of right judgment and fairness.
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