Biography of E. Sreedharan

 Biography of  E. Sreedharan

A "Successful Shaktiman is often called Metro-Man. He retired after great services to the nation. From Engineer to Administrator Life of a Man.

Elattuvalapil Sreedharan (born 12 June 1932) assumed the role of "The Managing Director" in the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

The most authentic leader is the one who believes he is right no matter what the odds. E. Sreedharan, may have retired 83 years ago and may be proclaiming his achievements to his grandchildren. But he decided not to use that opportunity. A man who had no qualms about taking on challenges, E-Sreedharan built his Konkan Railway, cutting the distance between Mumbai and Kochi by a third. When everyone thought it was a difficult task that was technically unachievable and would cost millions of dollars, there was one man who faced all the odds.

Considering the development of Indian Railways, we feel that there is no scope for development. However, when we see these railways we often use words like amazing, hi-tech and top of the line. Delhi Metro as well as Konkan Railways. Getting the railway tracks through the many tunnels in those soft soils of the Konkan region was a difficult task. The project consists of an extensive network of tunnels running a total of 82 kilometers and excavated through soft ground. Since people are used to the idea that there are delays and backlogs in any public sector organization; E. Sreedhran delivered with highest quality and without delay in time frame.

A true leader makes the most of what he has and doesn't brag about what he doesn't have. Financial crisis did not deter him. He issued public bonds due to the shortage of funds announced by the government.

He was not worried when people laughed at his plans to build trains for metros around Delhi, but he managed to build them on time. He was not a man who craved fame or was on the front page of the paper. Humble in his demeanor, E. Sreedharan always attributes his achievements to the efforts of his team.


Elattuvalapil Sreedharan was born on 12th June 1932 in Palakkad district of Kerala state. Their love for the country enabled him to spend his last days in his native Palakkad. His first education was at the Basel Evangelical Mission Higher Secondary School. He attended Victoria College, Palghat. Fascinated by engineering, he studied the subject in depth. He is an Engineer in Civil Engineering from Government Engineering College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

Career Path – Sreedharan was accepted as a lecturer in civil engineering in a government polytechnic after graduation. He managed to clear an exam conducted by UPSC "ESE also known as Engineering Services Examination. He managed to clear it and later got accepted as Assistant Engineer on probationary basis in IES or Indian Engineering Service. He is working here in Southern Railway Sector. He worked on Cyclone Damaged Pamban Bridge in Tamil Nadu for three months. He did a remarkable repair job and the allotted time was six months. He had exceptional decision making and expertise. He knew who to nominate for which position. Sreedharan was also responsible for the design, planning and construction of India's first metropolitan system, the Kolkata Metro. and Budget, though he officially retired in 1990, was recruited by the CMD for his role in the Konkan Railway project to work on the largest and most famous Indian railway project – the Mumbai-Kochi route. The project took seven years to complete.

Achievements and Awards –

He was awarded Padma Shri by Govt. India in 2001.

In 1950 Sreedharan was honored by the highest declaration in France. He was awarded the Order of the Legion d'Honneur.

In 2008, the Republic of India honored him with the most prestigious Padma Vibhushan.

The ability to work in any situation and get the job done has led to success in all aspects of his life. Sreedharan has a detached approach to his work. In this case, his detached attitude does not mean that he is in a state of oblivion. It's about working within working hours and not taking files home from work. His principles were neither affected nor swayed by preconceived notions. As the Geetha asked us to do our work without expecting the fruit, as Sreedharan did. The aim of his work is always to deliver the highest quality work at the given time.
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